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    The morphology of synhimantus (dispharynx) passeri sp. Nov., nematoda (acuariidae)  Ashour, Ameen A. [امين عبد الباقي عاشور]1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Morphometry of Desert Wadi Drainage on the West Bank between Danffq and Dallas, Luxor-Qena Region, Egypt.  Hassan, F. A. [فكري حسن]; Hamroush, H.; Abdallah, A.M.; Yehia, M. A.1982Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mossbauer Effect Study of Libyan Desert Silica Glass  Sallam, H. A. [هناء جمد الغني سلام]; Eissa, N. A. [نبيل عيسى]1981Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mossbauer Effect Study of the Cations Distribution and its Influence on the Electric Field Gradient of the Cdx Co1-x Ferrite System  Eissa, N. A. [نبيل عيسى]; Sallam, H.A.; Salah, S.H.; Goma, S.S.1982Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mossbauer Effect Study of the Hyper fine Structure of the Different Phases of Iron in the Portland Cement Produced in Qatar  Eissa, N. A. [نبيل عيسى]; Sallam, H. A.; Al-Houty, L.; Al-Mauraikhy, M.1981Qatar UniversityArticle
    The most common mosquitoes at Al- Rayyan municipality (Qatar state) and their potential for transmitting malaria  Ahmed, Rabab Ibrahim2015Master Thesis
    Motivation toward Physical Exercise and Subjective Wellbeing: The Mediating Role of Trait Self-Control  Briki, Walid2016Frontiers MediaArticle
    Mössbauer effect study of Li21+Me4+Fe63+O122−spinels  Saleh, H.A.; El Nimr, M.K.; Nada, N.; Fayek, M. K.1986Baltzer Science Publishers, Baarn/Kluwer Academic PublishersArticle
    Mössbauer study of ZnxNi5/3−xFe1Sb1/3O4 spinel ferrite  El Nimr, M.K.; Saleh, H.A.; Fayek, M. K.1985Springer VerlagArticle
    Mullet culture in qatar: effects of replacing fish meal With soybean meal on growth rates and feed utilization efficiency of liza macrolepis (pisces: mugilidae)  El Sayed, Abdel Fattah M. [عبد الفتاح محمد السيد]1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Multi-component instantaneous frequency estimation using locally adaptive directional time frequency distributions  Khan, N. A.; Boashash, B.2015John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Article
    A multi-criteria approach of assessing public transport accessibility at a strategic level  Hawas, Yaser E.; Hassan, Mohammad Nurul; Abulibdeh, Ammar2016ElsevierArticle
    Multi-Criteria Decision Making Models for Water Pipelines  El Chanati, Hisham; El-Abbasy, Mohammed S.; Mosleh, Fadi; Senouci, Ahmed; Abouhamad, Mona; Gkountis, Iason; Zayed, Tarek; Al-Derham, Hassan2016American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)Article
    A multi-level conceptual data reduction approach based on the Lukasiewicz implication  Elloumi, Samir; Jaam, Jihad; Hasnah, Ahmad; Jaoua, Ali; Nafkha, Ibtissem2003Elsevier Science IncArticle
    Multi-objective optimal design of hybrid renewable energy systems using PSO-simulation based approach  Sharafi, M.; Elmekkawy, Tarek Y.2014Elsevier LtdArticle
    The Multicommodity Multiperiod Assignment Problem 11: Theoretical Results  El Nidani, M. Asaad; Aronson, Jay E.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    The multicommodity multiperiod assignment problem I:A specialized branch and bound algorithm  El Nidani, M. Asaad; Aronson, Jay E.1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Multicriterion Optimization Approach For The Design Of Induction Motors  Mohamed, Ismail A.1999Qatar UniversityArticle
    Multidisciplinary members’ perspectives on a pharmacist joining a rheumatology practice team  Wilbur, Kerry; Kur, Jason2015SageArticle
    Multielement Analysis Of Suspended Particulates In Doha (Qatar) Air Before And During The Gulf War  Abou Leila, H; Al-Houty, L.; El-Samman, H.1994Qatar UniversityArticle