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    Multielement Analysis Of Suspended Particulates In Doha (Qatar) Air Before And During The Gulf War  Abou Leila, H; Al-Houty, L.; El-Samman, H.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Multilinear sparse decomposition for best spectral bands selection  Bouchech, Hamdi Jamel; Foufou, Sebti; Abidi, Mongi2014Springer VerlagConference Paper
    Multiphase Matrix Converter Topologies and Control  Moin Ahmed, SK.; Abu-Rub, Haitham; Iqbal, Atif2014John Wiley & Sons, LtdBook chapter
    Multiple antenna cyclostationary-based detection of primary users with multiple cyclic frequency in Cognitive Radios  Sedighi, Saeid; Taherpour, Abbas; Khattab, Tamer; Hasna, Mazen O.2014IEEEConference Paper
    Multiple parts process planning in serial-parallel flexible flow lines: part I—process plan modeling framework  Musharavati, F.; Hamouda, A.M.S.2015Springer LondonArticle
    Multiple parts process planning in serial–parallel flexible flow lines: part II—solution method based on genetic algorithms with fixed- and variable-length chromosomes  Musharavati, Farayi; Hamouda, Abdelmagid Salem2015Springer LondonArticle
    Multiple sensor fault diagnosis by evolving data-driven approach  El-Koujok, M.; Benammar, M.; Meskin, N.; Al-Naemi, M.; Langari, R.2014Elsevier Inc.Article
    Multiple-view time-frequency distribution based on the empirical mode decomposition  Stevenson, N.J; Mesbah, M; Boashash, B2010Institution of Engineering and TechnologyArticle
    The multistage homotopy-perturbation method: A powerful scheme for handling the Lorenz system  Chowdhury, M.S.H.; Hashim, I.; Momani, S.2007ElsevierArticle
    Multivariate analysis of competitive adsorption of food dyes by activated pine wood  Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Issa, Ayman A.; Al-Saqarat, Bety S.; Al-Reyahi, Anas Y.; Al-Degs, Yahya S.2016Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Multivariate statistical process control charts based on the approximate sequential ?2 test  Kim, J.; Al-Khalifa, K.N.; Jeong, M.K.; Hamouda, A.M.S.; Elsayed, E.A.2014Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
    Muscle-damaging exercise 48 h prior to a maximal incremental exercise treadmill test reduces time to exhaustion: is it time to reconsider our pretest procedures?  Chrismas, Bryna Catherine Rose; Taylor, Lee; Sieglar, Jason Charles; Midgley, Adrian Wayne2017Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Muslim Mothering and Migration  Jayyousi, Ghadir Fakhri; Roy, Roudi Nazarinia; Salim, Farid2014Research Institute for Progression of KnowledgeArticle
    Mycoflora And Mycotoxins Of Corned Beef  El Maraghy, S. S. Mohamed [سعد شحاتة محمد المراغي]; Zohri, A. A.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mycoflora and mycotoxins of peanut (arachis hypogaea l.) Seeds in egypt. II - mycotoxin production by thermophilic or thermotolerant fungi  El Maraghy, S. S. Mohamed [سعد شحاتة محمد المراغي]; El-Magraby, O. M. O.1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mycoflora and mycotoxins of sunflower(helianthus annuus l.) Seeds in egypt 1. Sugar fungi and natural occurrence of mycotoxins  El Maraghy, S. S. Mohamed [سعد شحاتة محمد المراغي]; El-Maghraby, O. M. O.1986Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mycoflora And Natural Occurrence Of Mycotoxins Of Chicken Stock  Saber, Sabah M. [صباح محمد صابر]1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mycoflora associated with dry dates in upper egypt ii. Osmophilic fungi and test of osmophilic ability  El Sharouny, H. M. M [حسن موسى الشاروني]; Nassar, M. S.; Moubasher, A. H.1988Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mycoflora Associated With Dry Dates In Upper Egypt: I - Mesophilic And Thermophilic Fungi  Moubasher, A. H. [عبد العال حسن مباشر]; El-Sharouny, H. M. M.; Nassar, M. S.1988Qatar UniversityArticle
    Mycoflora of cotton flowers and fungi associated with boll rot in egyptian cotton. I-saprophytic fungi  El Gawad, Khayria M. [خيرية محمد عبد الجواد]1987Qatar UniversityArticle