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    Who needs RDD? Combining directory listings with cell phone exchanges for an alternative telephone sampling frame  Guterbock, Thomas; Diop, Abdoulaye; Ellis, James; Trung Le, Kien2011ElsevierArticle
    Whole-rock powders and their analysis by an electron mocroprobe technique
    Alternative Title: مساحايق الصخور وتحليلها بواسطة تقنية المسبار الإلكتروفي الدقيق
    Al Mohandis, Ahmed A. [احمد عبد القادر المهندس]2001Qatar UniversityArticle
    Why Do People Participate in Surveys in Qatar?  Elawad, Elmogiera; Agied, Mohammed; Lee Holmes, John2016Asian Online Journal Publishing GroupArticle  &   Poster
    Why Purchase Online? An Empirical Study of Australian Internet Shoppers  Chang, Joshua; Samuel, Nicholas2006Qatar UniversityArticle
    Why Qatar Needs a Guest Worker Welfare Index
    Alternative Title: لماذا تحتاج قطر مؤشر رفاه خاص بالعمالة الوافدة؟
    Ewers, Michael , [ إيورز, مايكل ]2016Qatar UniversityReport
    William Lithgow, the Sinai Peninsula and the search for paradise  McCarthy, Shaun1980Qatar UniversityArticle
    Willingness to pay for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia vaccination in Narok South District of Kenya  Kairu-Wanyoike, Salome W.; Kaitibie, Simeon; Heffernan, Claire; Taylor, Nick M.; Gitau, George K.; Kiara, Henry; McKeever, Declan2014ElsevierArticle
    Window Analysis Optimization Of Gas Chromatographic Separation Using Different Polarity Packed Columns
    Alternative Title: تطوير عملية فصل المركبات في تقنية الكروماتوجرافي الغازي بتطبيق نظرية ( Window Diagram) واستخدام أعمدة معبأة بمذيبات مختلفة القطبية
    Al Kathiri, M. N. [محمد بن ناصر الكثيري]1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Wireless Multicast Cross-Layer Framework for Rate  Mohamed, Amr; Alnuweiri, Hussein2009IEEEArticle
    Wireless Networks  Samaka, Mohammed; Khan, Khaled M.D.2007John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Book chapter
    Wireless transmission using cooperation on demand  Hasna, M.O.; Kamel, Tourki; Mohamed Slim, Alouini2009Elsevier B.V.Article
    Wireless transmission with cooperation on demand for slow and fast fading environments  Tourki, Kamel; Alouini, Mohamed S.; Hasna, Mazen O.2008IEEEConference Paper
    Within-Household Sampling Conditioning on Household Size  Le, Kien T.; Brick, J. Michael; Diop, Abdoulaye; Alemadi, Darwish2012Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The World AssociationArticle
    Women and Political Interest in Qatar: Moving Ahead but Not Catching Up  Bethany, Shockley2016Taylor & Francis (Routledge)Article
    Women Empowerment In Qatar  Fouad, Nada Hassan Abdulmajeed2018Master Thesis
    Work force assignment and planning for onshore oil and gas wells cementing operations  Khalil, Mohamed Mohsen2016Professional Masters Project
    Work-Life -Balance in Qatar: Implementing Tows Analysis as a Variant of the Classic Strategic Tool, SWOT  El-Kassem, Rima Charbaji2018West East Institute JournalsArticle
    Working and Living Conditions of Migrant Workers in the GCC: India Migration Report 2016: Gulf Migration  Diop, Abdoulaye; Le, Kien T.; Ewers, Michael; Irudaya Rajan., S2016RoutledgeBook chapter
    WORKSITE HEALTH PROMOTION SCORE: TO ASSESS A HEALTH PROMOTIONAL WORKER SETTING  Gamage, Anuji; Seneviratne, Rohini; Hanna, Fahad2016Wolters Kluwer HealthConference Paper
    X - Bar, DP, Occam's Razor & logical form in Arabic  Rochd,E. Ben1997Qatar UniversityArticle