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    Constituents of plants growing in Qatar xxiv phytochemical investigation of salvia aegyptiaca L.
    Alternative Title: مكونات نباتات دوله قطر : الجزء 24 الفحص الكيميائي لنبات السالفيا (نعيم)
    El Missiry, M. M. [مصطفى محمود المسيري]; Hussiney, H. A.; Ismail, S. I.; Radwan, H. M.; Rizk, A. M.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Constituents of plants growing in qatar xxv flavonoids of Picris Radicata (forssk.) Less.
    Alternative Title: مكونات نباتات قطر (الجزء25) فلافونيدات نبات بيكريس راديكاتا
    Al-Easa, Hala S.; Kamel, Alaa; Hussiney, Hussiney A.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Constituents of Plants Growing in Qatar XXXIII Proximate composition of thirty four food and feed plants growing in Qatar  Al-Easa, Hala S.2003Article
    Constituents of Plants Growing in Qatar, Part XXVI: Phytochemical investigation of Rumex vesicarius  Al Easa, Hala S.; Rizk, Abdel-Fattah M.; Hussiney, Hussiney A.1995Article
    Constituents of Plants Growing in Qatar, Part XXX: A New Iridoid from Cistanche Phelypaea (L) COUT  Deyama, T.; Yahikozawa, K.; Al-Easa, H.S.; Rizk, A.M.1995Article
    Constituents of Plants Growing in Qatar, Part XXXI: Lipid constituents of seventeen range plants growing in Qatar  Al-Easa, H.S.; Rizk, A.M.; Heiba, H.I.2002Article
    Constituents of plants growing in Qatar: part xxviii. Constituents Of cistanche phelypaea
    Alternative Title: مكونات نباتات دولة قطر . الجزء 28 . الفحص الكيميائي لنبات السيستانكا (الطرثوث)
    Deyama, T.; Yahikozawa, K.; Al-Easa, H.S.; Rizk, A.M.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Constitution-making in the 21st century
    Alternative Title: صياغة الدستور في القرن الحادي والعشرين
    Saunders, Cheryl2012Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    Constitutional rights to supervised drug injection facilities in Canada
    Alternative Title: الحقوق الدستورية لمراكز حقن العقاقير المخدرة الخاضعة للرقابة في كندا
    Bowal, Peter; Horvat, Kelsey2013Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    Constitutive analysis for the quantification of hardness decay in a superlattice CrN/NbN hard-coating  Cabibbo, M.; Clemente, N.; El Mehtedi, M.; Hamouda, A.H.; Musharavati, F.; Santecchia, E.; Spigarelli, S.2015Elsevier B.V.Article
    Constraint violations in stochastically generated data: Detection and correction strategies  Fadlalla, Adam; Munakata, Toshinori2014Hindawi Publishing CorporationArticle
    Construct Validity in Psychology and Educational Measurement  Al Mannai, Abdullah Salem1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    The construct validity of session RPE during an intensive camp in young male Karate athletes  Padulo, Johnny; Chaabene, Helmi; Tabben, Montassar; Haddad, Monoem; Gevat, Cecilia; Vando, Stefano; Maurino, Lucio; Chaouachi, Anis; Chamari, Karim2014CIC Edizioni Internazionali S.r.l.Article
    Construction mediation as a developmental process
    Alternative Title: الوساطة العقارية باعتبارها عملية تنموية
    Sidoli del Ceno, Julian2013Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    Construction of a Bacillus thuringiensis genetically-engineered strain harbouring the secreted Cry1Ia delta-endotoxin in its crystal  Dammak, Mariam; Jaoua, Samir; Tounsi, Slim2011Springer NetherlandsArticle
    Construction Simulation Using Virtual Reality  Naji, Khalid K.; Najafi, Fazil1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Constructivist Multi-Access Lab Approach in Teaching FPGA Systems Design with LabVIEW  Balid, Walid; Abdulwahed, Mahmoud; Alrouh, Imad2013International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP) in cooperation with Kassel University Press GmbHArticle
    Consumption of Whole Grains, Refined Cereals and Legumes and its Association with Colorectal Cancer among Jordanians  Tayyem, Reema F.; Bawadi, Hiba A.; Shehada, Ihab; Agraib, Lana M.; Al-Awwad, Narmeen J.; Heath, Dennis D.; Bani-Hani, Kamal E.2016SageArticle
    The Contagion "Disease" that affects Foreign direct investment In the MENA countries  Habash, Nojoud S.2007Qatar UniversityArticle
    Contextual Preparation of Future Engineers: A non-Western Perspective  Hasna, M.O.; Impagliazzo, John2008IEEEConference Paper