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    S — Compactness Via Ideals  Abdel Monsef, M. E. [محمد عزت عبد المنصف]; Lashien, E. F.; Nasef, A. A.1991Qatar UniversityArticle
    S.G. Connected Spaces  Tapi, U. D. [ى د تابي]; Thakur, S. S.2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Safety  Kiser, Karen M.; Payne, William C.; Taff, Teresa A.; Aziz, Hassan2011Prentice HallBook chapter
    Safety Aware Vehicle Routing Algorithm, A Weighted Sum Approach  Nizam, Radwan2017Master Thesis
    Salinity inhibits seed germination of perennial halophytes Limonium stocksii and Suaeda fruticosa by reducing water uptake and ascorbate dependent antioxidant system  Hameed, Abdul; Rasheed, Aysha; Gul, Bilquees; Khan, M. Ajmal2014Elsevier B.V.Article
    Salt intake, blood pressure, and socioeconomic disparities among government employees in Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional study  Gamage, Anuji Upekshika =; De Alwis Seneviratne, Rohini; Hanna, Fahad S.2017Qatar UniversityArticle
    Salt water corrosion resistance of electrodeposited Ni-layered silicate nanocomposite coatings from Watts' type solution  Ahmad, Yahia H.; Tientong, Jeerapan; D'Souza, Nandika; Golden, Teresa D.; Mohamed, Adel M.A.2014Elsevier B.V.Article
    Sarcoptes-World Molecular Network (Sarcoptes-WMN): integrating research on scabies.  Alasaad, Samer; Walton, Shelley; Rossi, Luca; Bornstein, Set; Abu-Madi, Marawan; Soriguer, Ramón C; Fitzgerald, Scott; Zhu, Xing-Quan; Zimmermann, Werner; Ugbomoiko, Uade Samuel; Pei, Kurtis Jai-Chyi; Heukelbach, Jörg2011ElsevierArticle
    Sattelite Technology: a case for developing countries  Zaher, Fawzi1982Qatar UniversityArticle
    Scanning electron microscopy of hymenolepis nana and h. Diminuta from natural infections  Ashour, Ameen A. [امين عبد الباقي عاشور]1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Scanning Electron Microscopy Of The Egg And The Second Stage Larva Of Toxocara Vitulorum  Ashour, Ameen A. [امين عبد الباقي عاشور]; Omar, H. M.; Wanas, M. Q.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Scanning electron microscopy of the egg-shell of the fly synthesiomyia Nudiseta (wulp)  El Alfy, Nagla Z. [نجلاء زكي الالفي]1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Scanning electron microscopy on adults of Schistosoma mansoni treated in-vivo with praziquantel and RO-15 (5458).  Mohamed, S. H. [شادية ح. محمد]; Fawzi, Samia M.1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Scarred for life: The impact of the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act of 2010 on addressing violence against women in Pakistan  von Werlhof, Emily2013Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    Scheduling policies for two-state smart-home appliances in dynamic electricity pricing environments  Vardakas, John S.; Zorba, Nizar; Verikoukis, Christos V.2014Elsevier LtdArticle
    Science and Mathematics Education in the GCC Countries  Aziz, Hassan A.2016Science Publishing GroupArticle
    The Scientific Contributions of Arab Scientists to the International Research: a Study of the Indicators for Select Arab Countries  Elgohary, A.2009Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
    Scope of Standardization of Recruitment Procedure at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology-Hamad Medical Corporation  Al-Badwi, Raidah Saleh2014Master Thesis
    Screening and identification of a Bacillus thuringiensis strain S1/4 with large and efficient insecticidal activities.  Jaoua, Samir; Sellami, Sameh; Zghal, Taheni; Cherif, Maroua; Zalila-Kolsi, Imen; Jaoua, Samir; Jamoussi, Kaïs2013WILEY-VCHArticle
    Screening Novel Molecular Targets of Metformin in Breast Cancer by Proteomic Approach.  Al-Zaidan, Lobna; El Ruz, Rasha Abu; Malki, Ahmed M.2017Frontiers MediaArticle