A predictive strategy for lifetime maximization in selective relay networks

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Author Mousavifar, S.A. en_US
Author Khattab, T. en_US
Author Leung, C. en_US
Available date 2009-12-27T06:08:22Z en_US
Publication Date 2009-04-24 en_US
Publication Name Sarnoff Symposium (SARNOFF '09)
Citation Mousavifar, S.A.; Khattab, T.; Leung, C., "A predictive strategy for lifetime maximization in selective relay networks," Sarnoff Symposium, 2009. SARNOFF '09. IEEE , vol., no., pp.1-6, March 30 2009-April 1 2009 en_US
URI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/SARNOF.2009.4850300 en_US
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10576/10463 en_US
Abstract Two algorithms based on an energy conserving dynamic transmit power threshold are proposed for improving the lifetime in relay networks utilizing selective relay strategies with amplify-and-forward (AF) relays. the lifetime of the relay network is defined as the maximum number of successfully received messages satisfying a desired SNR at the destination under probability of outage constraints. In the first algorithm, the predicted outage probability, calculated based on the energy conserving dynamic threshold, is constrained at each transmission. In this case, when the number of relays is large, the improvement is substantial. As the number of relays decreases, the method improves the lifetime under the condition of high initial energy levels at the relays. In the second method, targeting applications which are not sensitive to the distribution of outage throughout the lifetime of the relay network, the predicted probability of outage, calculated based on laws-of-physics limitations only, is constrained at each transmission. Using the second method, greater lifetime improvements are achieved and average outage constraints are maintained at the expense of a few instantaneous outage probability violations. Both algorithms are implemented in conjunction with previously proposed energy greedy relay selection strategies such as Minimum Power Transmission (MPT), Maximum Residual Energy (MRE), Minimum Energy Index (MEI), and Maximum Outage Probability (MOP). en_US
Language en en_US
Publisher IEEE en
Subject relay networks en_US
Subject A predictive strategy en_US
Subject probability en_US
Subject radio networks en_US
Title A predictive strategy for lifetime maximization in selective relay networks en_US
Type Conference Paper en_US

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