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AuthorEl-Fouly, Tarek
AuthorShtay, A
AuthorAly, G.M
Available date2009-12-27T09:27:32Z
Publication Date2008-09-06
Publication Name4th International IEEE Conference Intelligent Systems (IS) 2008
CitationEl-Fouly, T.M.; Shtay, A.; Aly, G.M., "Modeling of the exhaust box assembly workshop using neural networks," Intelligent Systems, 2008. IS '08. 4th International IEEE Conference , vol.1, no., pp.4-39,4-43, 6-8 Sept. 2008
AbstractThe paper investigates the use of artificial neural networks in modeling and control of manufacturing systems. This approach models the various elements of a manufacturing system by the form of neural networks. The modeling approximates discrete systems by continuous models. The suggested model is applied to the approximation of a manufacturing system, the approximated model is then simulated and trained to control the machines to achieve some desired targets. The system presented in this paper is the subset exit beam of the back silencer. The system is simulated at the end with and without training of the neural network.
SubjectNeural Networks
SubjectManufacturing Systems
TitleModeling of the exhaust box assembly workshop using neural networks
TypeConference Paper

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