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AuthorAlja'am, Jihad M.
AuthorAl-Habsi, Khalid
AuthorAL-Yazory, Attala
AuthorAl-Sada, Nasser
AuthorAl-Souli, Mohamad
Available date2009-12-28T07:20:36Z
Publication Date2008-04-07
Publication Name3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies: From Theory to Applications (ICTTA) 2008
CitationAlja'am, J.M.; Al-Habsi, K.; Al-Yazory, A.; Al-Sada, N.; Al-Souli, M., "The State of Qatar Informative Web Portal," Information and Communication Technologies: From Theory to Applications, 2008. ICTTA 2008. 3rd International Conference on , vol., no., pp.1-6, 7-11 April 2008
AbstractThis paper describes the electronic government project in the state of Qatar known as Qatar Central Government Portal (Hukoomi e-Gov). It highlights the main online services that are offered to Qataris citizens and residents. The main objective of the e-Gov portal, as claimed by its project manager, is to achieve the highest performance in executing governmental transactions electronically, through streamlined business processes and integrated information technology solutions. Although this web portal offers an important range of online services, it lacks however, in information about the state of Qatar like schools and education, entertainment, tourism and monuments, banking, malls and shopping centers, hospitals and health care centers, etc. Thus, an informative web portal about the country is needed. It should be the main point of access to information about Qatar and complement its e-Gov portal, Hukoomi. New visitors and potential residents can then get the necessary information about the previous facilities through this informative portal. Many modern countries have developed their business and informative portals. We discuss in this work the design and characteristics of our proposed informative web portal about the state of Qatar and we propose a disambiguation algorithm to retrieve the main documents related to the user query.
SubjectQatar Web Portal
TitleThe State of Qatar Informative Web Portal
TypeConference Paper

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