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AuthorEl-Mallawany, R.
AuthorAbdalla, M.D.
AuthorAhmed, I.A.
Available date2009-12-29T07:01:07Z
Publication Date2008-06-15
Publication NameMaterials Chemistry and Physics
CitationEl-Mallawany, R., Abdalla, M. D., & Ahmed, I. A. (2008). New tellurite glass: Optical properties. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 109(2–3), 291–296
AbstractThe refractive index and UV spectra of the quaternary tellurite glass system of the form 80TeO2-5TiO2-(15 - x) WO3-xAnOm where AnOm is Nb2O5, Nd2O3 and Er2O3, x = 0.01, 1, 3 and 5 mol% for Nb2O5 and x = 0.01, 0.1, 1, 3, 5 and 7 mol% for Nd2O3 and Er2O3. The refractive index has been measured at room temperature and at wavelengths 486.13, 587.56, 589 and 656.27 nm. The average dispersion (nF - nC), and Abbe number of this glass were estimated. The UV spectra of the glasses have been measured in the wavelength range of 200-1000 nm at room temperature. The relation between the refractive index and optical energy gap is examined.
SubjectOptical properties
SubjectTellurite glass
TitleNew tellurite glass: Optical properties

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