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Author Al-Saleh, Mohammad Fraiwanen_US
Author Samuh, Monjed Hishamen_US
Available date 2010-01-07T07:56:14Zen_US
Publication Date 2007-07-01en_US
Publication Name Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
Citation Al-Saleh, M. F., & Samuh, M. H. (2008). On multistage ranked set sampling for distribution and median estimation. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 52, 2066–2078en_US
Abstract A variation of ranked set sampling (RSS), multistage RSS (MSRSS), is investigated for the estimation of the distribution function and some of its quantiles, in particular the median. It is shown that this method is significantly more efficient than simple random sampling (SRS). The method becomes more and more effective as the number of stages r increases. Two estimators of the median based on MSRSS are proposed and compared to the sample median obtained by SRS.en_US
Language enen_US
Publisher Elsevier B.V.en_US
Subject Empirical distribution functionen_US
Subject Multistage ranked set samplingen_US
Subject Ranked set samplingen_US
Subject Simple random samplingen_US
Title On multistage ranked set sampling for distribution and median estimationen_US
Type Articleen_US

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