Force Transmission Error Analysis for a High-Pressure Single-Sinker Magnetic Suspension Densimeter

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Author Cristancho, Diego en_US
Author Mantilla, Ivan en_US
Author Ejaz, Saquib en_US
Author Hall, Kenneth R en_US
Author Iglesias Silva, Gustavo en_US
Author Atilhan, Mert en_US
Available date 2010-01-27T18:14:24Z en_US
Publication Date 2010-01-05 en_US
Publication Name International Journal of Thermophysics
Citation Cristancho, D. E., Mantilla, I. D., Ejaz, S., Hall, K. R., Iglesias-Silva, G. a., & Atilhan, M. (2010). Force transmission error analysis for a high-pressure single-sinker magnetic suspension densimeter. International Journal of Thermophysics, 31, 698–709 en_US
URI doi:10.1007/s10765-010-0702-3
Abstract The magnetic suspension densimeter (MSD) is a sophisticated, stateof- the-art device that provides extremely accurate results for density measurements. The MSD uses a magnetic technique to couple a mass inside a measurement cell with an external mass balance for mass measurement. This article presents a force transmission error (FTE) analysis for a high-pressure, single-sinker MSD. Due to the magnetic working principle of the apparatus, magnetic properties of the high-pressure cell and external magnetic fields affect the measurements slightly. For the analysis, McLinden et al. suggest making measurements using two different sinkers, a titanium sinker and a copper sinker, having the same mass. The measurements cover densities for methane, ethane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen over the temperature range from 265K to 450K (±5 mK stability) up to 180MPa (uncertainty of 0.01% full scale: 200MPa). Comparing and manipulating the measurements permit determination of apparatus and fluid specific effects that contribute to the FTE. For this MSD, the apparatus effect is about 200 ppm, which effectively masks any fluid specific effect. A comprehensive analysis of the FTE produces a uniform deviation for density values of about 0.05% at 2σ across the full range of pressure. en_US
Language en en_US
Publisher Springer Science and Business Media en_US
Subject Densimeter en_US
Subject Force Transmission Error en_US
Subject High Pressure en_US
Subject Magnetic Suspension Coupling en_US
Title Force Transmission Error Analysis for a High-Pressure Single-Sinker Magnetic Suspension Densimeter en_US
Type Article en_US

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