Performance evaluation of the B-distribution

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Performance evaluation of the B-distribution

Show simple item record Sucic, V Barkat, B Boashash, B 2011-08-09T13:04:06Z 2011-08-09T13:04:06Z 1999
dc.identifier.citation ISSPA '99, Issue Date : 1999 , Volume : 1 , On page(s): 267 en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 1-86435-451-8
dc.description The B-distribution is objectively evaluated in terms of its ability to represent multicomponent signals with a high resolution, and shown to outperform most other quadratic TFDs. (The most recent upgrade of the original software package that calculates The B-distribution, other Time-Frequency Distributions and Instantaneous Frequency estimators can be downloaded from the web site: This was the first software developed in the field, and it was first released publicly in 1987 at the 1st ISSPA conference held in Brisbane, Australia., and then continuously updated). A companion is the comprehensive book on Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing available at: en_US
dc.description.abstract The properties of the previously proposed B-distribution are investigated. We show that this distribution satisfies most of the desirable properties sought for a time-frequency distribution. That is, we show that the B-distribution is real, time and frequency shift invariant and its first moment with respect to frequency yields the instantaneous frequency of the signal. We also show, using real and synthetic data, that the B-distribution outperforms other quadratic time-frequency distributions in resolving signals' components in the time-frequency domain. It achieves a better time-frequency resolution and a better energy concentration around the instantaneous frequency of the signal, and still significantly suppresses the cross-terms. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher IEEE en_US
dc.subject Australia en_US
dc.subject Energy resolution en_US
dc.subject Equations en_US
dc.subject Filtering en_US
dc.subject Fourier transforms en_US
dc.subject Kernel en_US
dc.subject Signal analysis en_US
dc.subject Signal processing en_US
dc.subject Signal resolution en_US
dc.subject Time frequency analysis en_US
dc.subject B-distribution en_US
dc.subject ambiguity domain en_US
dc.subject cross-terms suppression en_US
dc.subject energy concentration en_US
dc.subject first moment en_US
dc.subject frequency shift invariant distribution en_US
dc.subject instantaneous signal frequency en_US
dc.subject multicomponent signals en_US
dc.subject performance evaluation en_US
dc.subject quadratic time-frequency distribution en_US
dc.subject real data en_US
dc.subject real distribution en_US
dc.subject reduced interference distribution en_US
dc.subject synthetic data en_US
dc.subject time shift invariant distribution en_US
dc.subject time-frequency domain en_US
dc.subject time-frequency resolution en_US
dc.subject two-dimensional filtering en_US
dc.subject MBD en_US
dc.subject Modified B-Distribution en_US
dc.subject IF en_US
dc.subject instantaneous frequency en_US
dc.subject time-frequency signal processing en_US
dc.subject Ambiguity function en_US
dc.title Performance evaluation of the B-distribution en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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