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AuthorThayaparan, Thayananthan
AuthorStankovic, Ljubisa
AuthorAmin, Moeness
AuthorChen, Victor
AuthorCohen, Leon
AuthorBoashash, Boualem
Available date2011-10-19T06:11:38Z
Publication Date2010-06
Publication NameIET Signal Processing
CitationThayaparan, T.; Stankovic, L.; Amin, M.; Chen, V.; Cohen, L.; Boashash, B., "Editorial Time-frequency approach to radar detection, imaging, and classification," Signal Processing, IET , vol.4, no.3, pp.197,200, June 2010
DescriptionThis is an editorial for a special issue on time frequency signal analysis applied to some radar issues. (Additional details can be found in the comprehensive book on Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing (see In addition, the most recent upgrade of the original software package that calculates Time-Frequency Distributions and Instantaneous Frequency estimators can be downloaded from the web site: This was the first software developed in the field, and it was first released publicly in 1987 at the 1st ISSPA conference held in Brisbane, Australia, and then continuously updated).
AbstractOne of the central problems in exploiting the radar data is the analysis of atime series. The problem at hand is how to extract the information present in the data and use it to its full potential. Traditionally, radar signals have been analysed in either the time or the frequency domain. The Fourier Transform is at the heart of a wide range of techniques that are generally used in radardata analysis and processing. However, the change of frequency content withtime is one of the main features we generally observe in radar data. As a result of this change of frequency content with time, radar signals belong to the class of non-stationary signals. The analysis of non-stationary signals requires a technique that extends the notion of a global frequency spectrum to a localfrequency description. Joint time-frequency analysis using time-frequencytransforms has improved the analysis of non-stationary signals by revealingtime-varying information embedded in signals.
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology
Subjecttime-frequency analysis
Subjecttime-frequency distributions
Subjecttime-frequency detection
Subjecttime frequency imaging
Subjecttime frequency classification
TitleEditorial: Time-Frequency Approach to Radar Detection, Imaging, and Classification

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