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    Title Author Publication Date Department Type
    Treatment of produced water using an enhanced electrocoagulation process  Al-Ghoul, Mustafa Mohamad2017Engineering-Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
    Teachers' perceptions of one-to-one computing effect on learning environment in Qatari secondary schools  AlMannai, Khalod Abdulaziz M. J.2017Curriculum, Instruction, and AssessmentMaster Thesis
    An Analysis of the bilateral relations between Qatar and Japan : Case studies on Energy, Culture and Diplomacy  Al Subaey, Maha Khalid2017Gulf StudiesMaster Thesis
    Er Doped III-Nitride Semiconductors  Zakaria, Yahya2017Material Science and TechnologyMaster Thesis
    Comparative study of SMES in Dubai and south Korea  Park, Jewan2017Gulf StudiesMaster Thesis
    Investigating Livability in Mixed-Use Neighborhoods. Case Study of Najma in Doha, Qatar  AL-Malki, ALMaha Ahmad E R2017Urban Planning and DesignMaster Thesis
    Features Ranking Techniques for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Data  Abounada, Mohanad Feisal M H2017Engineering-Computer ScienceMaster Thesis
    Local politics: examining the political participation of Qatari women in the central municipal council elections  AlMal, Jawahar Abdulla2017Gulf StudiesMaster Thesis
    Concentrated Solar Power Plant for Key Locations in Doha Qatar  Elbeh, Mutaz Bargas2017Engineering-Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
    Deanonymizing tor hidden service users through bitcoin transactions analysis  Al Jawaheri, Husam Basil2017Engineering-Computer ScienceMaster Thesis
    Optimal sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems: an application for real demand in Qatar remote area  Alyafei, Nora2017Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
    The Application of Nanoparticles of Waste Tires in Remediating Boron from Desalinated Water  Babiker, Elkhatab Ismat2017Biological and Environmental SciencesMaster Thesis
    A conceptual heuristic for solving the maximum clique problem  Safi, Zeineb2017ComputingThesis
    Design of hybrid renewable energy system for near zero energy building in Qatar  Fetais, Mai Hamad M A2017Engineering-Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
    Conceptual data sampling for image segmentation- an application for breast cancer images  Awan, Zainab Khalid2017Engineering-Computer ScienceMaster Thesis
    Cost-effectiveness analysis of sedatives in the management of neonates undergoing mechanical ventilation in the intensive care setting in Qatar  Abushanab, Dina Hamdi2017PharmacyMaster Thesis
    Grass Establishment, Weed Populations and Soil Microbial Succession in Turf Grass System as Influenced by Produced Water Irrigation  Shaikh, Sameera Shanawaz2017Biological and Environmental SciencesMaster Thesis
    Seroprevalence of Anti-Mers-CoV IgG in two groups of Qatar population: Blood donors and case contacts  El-Kahlout, Reham Awni2017Biomedical SciencesMaster Thesis
    The effect of protein supplementation on body muscle mass and fat mass in Qataris post-bariatric surgery: a randomized controlled trial (RCT)  Alshamari, Sahar2017Public HealthMaster Thesis
    Prevalence and determinants of body dissatisfaction among Arab women at post-partum in Qatar  Zayed, Rouda Zayed2017Public HealthMaster Thesis