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Title Author Publication Date Publisher Type
Design of power system stabilizers based on μ-controller for power system stability enhancement  Ellithy, K.; Said, S.; Kahlout, O.2014ElsevierArticle
Production of solar radiation bankable datasets from high-resolution solar irradiance derived with dynamical downscaling Numerical Weather prediction model  Charabi, Yassine; Gastli, Adel; Al-Yahyai, Sultan2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Single-Stage Three-Phase Differential-Mode Buck-Boost Inverters with Continuous Input Current for PV Applications  Darwish, Ahmed; Massoud, Ahmed M.; Holliday, Derrick; Ahmed, Shehab; Williams, B.W.2016Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Portable Automated Oxygen Administration System for hypoxaemic patients  Alzoubi, Khawla; Alguraan, Ziyad; Ramahi, Omar M.2016SpringerOpenArticle
Location privacy preservation in secure crowdsourcing-based cooperative spectrum sensing  Zina, Chkirbene; Hasna, Mazen; Hamila, Ridha; Hamdi, Noureddine2016Springer International PublishingArticle
Sparsity-aware multiple relay selection in large multi-hop decode-and-forward relay networks  Gouissem, A.; Hamila, R.; Al-Dhahir, N.; Foufou, S.2016Springer International PublishingArticle
A bearingless coaxial magnetic gearbox  Abdel-Khalik, A.S.; Ahmed, S.; Massoud A.2014ElsevierArticle
Fault-tolerant control of five-phase current source inverter for medium-voltage drives  Elgenedy, M.A.; Abdel-Khalik, A.S.; Elserougi, A.; Ahmed, S.; Massoud, A.2014Institution of Engineering and TechnologyConference Paper
Stability analysis of an active-damped LLCL filter- based grid-connected three-phase inverter  Massoud, A.; Ben-Brahim, L.; Hamid, A.; Williams, B.W.; Holliday, D.2014IEEEConference Paper
Fault detection and isolation of Fornasini-Marchesini 2D systems: A geometric approach  Baniamerian, Amir; Meskin, Nader; Khorasani, Khashayar2014IEEEConference Paper
Robust Hybrid EKF approach for state estimation in multi-scale nonlinear singularly perturbed systems  Daroogheh, Najmeh; Meskin, Nader; Khorasani, Khorasani2014IEEEConference Paper
An efficient component map generation method for prediction of gas turbine performance  Tsoutsanis, Elias; Meskin, Nader; Benammar, Mohieddine; Khorasani, Khashayar2014American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Conference Paper
Outage analysis of hybrid FSO/RF systems based on finite-state Markov chain modeling  Kazemi, Hossein; Uysal, Murat; Touati, Farid2014IEEEConference Paper
An LCL filter-based grid-interfaced three-phase voltage source inverter: Performance evaluation and stability anaylsis  Azani, H.; Massoud, A.; Benbrahim, L.; Williams, B.W.; Holiday, D.2014Institution of Engineering and TechnologyConference Paper
Analysis of local time-frequency entropy features for nonstationary signal components time supports detection  Sucic, Victor; Saulig, Nicoletta; Boashash, Boualem2014Elsevier Inc.Article
Embedding of nonlinear systems in a linear parameter-varying representation  Abbas, Hossam S.; Toth, Roland; Petreczky, Mihaly; Meskin, Nader; Mohammadpour, Javad2014IFAC SecretariatConference Paper
Doppler compensation for AF two way relaying over time varying UWA channels  Daoud, Saed; Karakaya, Bahattin; Ghrayeb, Ali2014IEEEConference Paper
HLS based hardware acceleration on the zynq SoC: A case study for fall detection system  Ali, Amine Ait Si; Siupik, Marek; Amira, Abbes; Bensaali, Faycal; Casaseca-De-La-Higuera, Pablo2014IEEEConference Paper
On the correlation analysis of electric field inside jet engine  Krishna, A; Khattab, T; Abdelaziz, A.F.; Guizani, M.2014IEEEConference Paper
A general multicompartment lung mechanics model with nonlinear resistance and compliance respiratory parameters  Hou, Saing Paul; Meskin, Nader; Haddad, Wassim M.2014IEEEConference Paper

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