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    Qualitative And Quantitative Assessment Of Drained Water From Urban Ground-Water  Al Hajri, Mohd. M.; Shadid, Fawzi T.; Al-Hajri, Khalid; Ahmed, Shamim1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    A Qualitative And Quantitative Survey On The Helminth Parasites Of Fishes From The Aswan High Dam Lake In Egypt  Soud, M.F.A. [محمد فتحي عبد الفتاح سعود]; Wannas, M. Q. A.1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    A Qualitative Approach to Direct Inference Principle  Khayata, Mohamed Yasser [محمد ياسر خياطة]2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    Qualitative Assessment Of Bottled Water In The Middle East  Ahmad, S; Saleem, Abdul1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Qualitative Dealing with Quantified Assertions  Khayata, Mohamed Yasser [محمد ياسر خياطة]; Jaam, Jihad Mohamad; Garcia, Laurent; Pacholczyk, Daniel2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    Rainfall Characterization In An Arid Area  Bazaraa, A. S.; Ahmed, Shamim1991Qatar UniversityArticle
    A Random Binary Trees Generation Method  Maghrabi, Saud M.A. [سعود محمد عبد الله مغربي]2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Random Distributed Algorithms For Clock Synchronization  Nakai, Shoichiro1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    A Rational Exponential Model for Unconstrained Non-Linear Optimization  Al Mashhadany, Huda Khalil [هدى خليل المشهداني]2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    A rational logarithmic model for unconstrained non-linear optimization  Mohamed, H. K. [هدى محمد]; Al Assady, Nidhal H.1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Rayn formation, a new name for the permian khuff formation (S. S.) In saudi arabia  El Nakhal, Hamed A. [حامد احمد النخال]1991Qatar UniversityArticle
    Recent Advances In Coring And Core Analysis Technology New Technique To Improve Reservoir Evaluation  Al Saddique, M.A; Hamada, G. M.; Al-Awad, M. N.2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Recent Benthic Foraminifera from the Local Water of Qatar, Arabian Gulf  Al Hitmi, Hind Hitmi [هند هتمي الهتمي]2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    The reception of the Quiet American in the late fifties  Saleh, T. A.1981Qatar UniversityArticle
    Recognition Of Cursive Texts Using Hamming Neural Nets  Katebi, S. D.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Record of a fruiticose lichen, Ramalina farinacea (L.) Ach. for Qatar  Abdel Bari, E. M. [اخلاص محمد عبد الباري]1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Records of Marine Interstitial Hymenostomatid Ciliates from the Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, Saudi Arabia  Al Rasheid, Khaled A. S. [خالد عبد الله سليمان الرشيد]1999Qatar UniversityArticle
    Red cell superoxide dismutase in patients with different liver diseases  Abd El Aziz , A. F. [عبد العزيز فتوح عبد العزيز]; Attallah, A. M.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Reduced Snubber Circuit Elements For Pwm Voltage Source Inverter  Saied, Basil M.; Ameen, Yasir M. Y.2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    Refractivity Statistics For Two Countries In The Middle East  Kheirallah, H. N.1989Qatar UniversityArticle