• Behaviour of Grey Cast Iron Under Combined Bending and Tension 

      Shawki, G. S. A. ( Qatar University , 1989 , Article)
      This paper deals with the strength of grey cast iron components subjected to combined bending and tension, this case of loading being met in C-frames and clamps, crane hooks and various eccentrically—loaded protruding ...
    • Corrosion Failures: Identification, Diagnosis & Remedies 

      Shawki, G. S. A.; Kandeil, A.Y. ( Qatar University , 1988 , Article)
      This paper deals with the nature, typical surface features and common forms of corrosion. It also reports corrosion rates in various locations and under differing environmental conditions, viz. tropical, marine, urban and ...
    • Educational Performance of Students In A New College Of Engineering: A Computer-Aided Study 

      Sheirah, M. A.; Shawki, G.S.A. ( Qatar University , 1989 , Article)
      A data-base computer package is herein developed to provide an effective tool lor llie studv. evaluation and rectification of tile academic performance of university students. As a test case, the newly established Faculty ...

      Kandeil, A.V.; Critchley, S.; Shawki, G.S.A. ( Blackwell Publishing Ltd , 1989 , Article)
    • Material Behaviour Under Corrosive Environment — Guide For Material Selection 

      Kandeil, A. Y.; Shawki, G. S. A. ( Qatar University , 1988 , Article)
      In this paper, the behaviour of engineering materials as influenced by fluid velocity, operating temperature, humidity and duration of exposure to chemical and/or electro-chemical action is carefully studied, corrosive ...
    • A novel push-pull machine for testing High cycle fatigue 

      Shawki, G. S. A. ( Qatar University , 1990 , Article)
      A novel machine designed and constructed to exert cyclic axial load for fatigue testing is herein reported. The main features of the test rig constitute the sinusoidal form of load wave and the stress - controlled, system ...
    • A Review of Fatigue Testing Machines 

      Shawki, G. S. A. ( Qatar University , 1990 , Article)
      In this paper fatigue testing facilities are first classified in accordance with a number of features which include purpose, type of loading, method of load application and transmittal as well as control system. Owing to ...