• Certain estimates of oscillatory integrals and extrapolation 

      Al-Qassem, Hussain (2010 , Article)
      In this paper we study the boundedness properties of certain oscillatory integrals with polynomial phase. We obtain sharp estimates for these oscillatory integrals. By the virtue of these estimates and extrapolation we ...
    • Logarithmic Bounds for Oscillatory Singular Integrals on Hardy Spaces 

      Al-Qassem, Hussain; Cheng, Leslie; Pan, Yibiao ( Hindawi Publishing Corporation , 2016 , Article)
      We establish a logarithmic bound for oscillatory singular integrals with quadratic phases on the Hardy space H 1 (R n). The logarithmic rate of growth is the best possible. 2016 Hussain Al-Qassem et al.
    • A Note on Parabolic Maximal Operators along Surfaces of Revolution via Extrapolation 

      Ali, Mohammed; Al-Qassem, Hussain ( MDPI , 2022 , Article)
      Under weak conditions on the kernels, we obtain sharp Lp bounds for rough parabolic maximal integral operators over surfaces of revolution. By virtue of these bounds along with Yano’s extrapolation argument, we confirm the ...
    • On certain rough integral operators and extrapolation 

      Al-Qassem, Hussain; Cheng, Leslie; Pan, Yibiao ( Victoria university , 2009 , Article)
      In this paper, we obtain sharp Lp estimates of two classes of maximal operators related to rough singular integrals and Marcinkiewicz integrals. These estimates will be used to obtain similar estimates for the related ...