• A Class Of Functions Stronger Than M-Precontinuity, Preirresolute And A-Functions 

      Abdel Monsef, M. E.; MAHMOUD, R.A.; NASEF, A.A.; عبد المنصف, محمد عزت; محمود, د.أ.; ناصف, أ.أ.... more authors ( Qatar University , 1990 , Article)
      We propose a definition for a new class of functions that may be stronger than the previous types. Some of its characterizations, connections with known ones and the effect of them on some topological spaces are studied .
    • Remarks On S-Closed Spaces 

      Abdel Monsef, M. E.; Kozae, A. M.; عبد المنصف, محمد عزت; قوزع, عبد المنعم محمد ( Qatar University , 1986 , Article)
      In this paper, several characterizations for s-closed spaces are obtained using regular semiclosed sets and some sets having two properties of near openness and near closedness in the same time. Images of s-closed spaces ...
    • S — Compactness Via Ideals 

      Abdel Monsef, M. E.; Lashien, E. F.; Nasef, A. A.; عبد المنصف, محمد عزت; لاشين; ناصف... more authors ( Qatar University , 1991 , Article)
      Compactness modulo as an ideal has not been widely studied. Many new sorts of weak compactness have been introduced to topological spaces in the last twenty years but have not been studied using ideals. So, the main aim ...