• Contemporary Qatar : Examining State and Society 

      Zweiri, Mahjoob; Al Qawasmi, Farah; Abushouk, Ahmed Ibrahim; Al-Jaber, Khalid; Zaccara, Luciano; ... more authors ( Springer , 2021 , Book)
      This book addresses critical topics and unanswered questions on the contemporary state of Qatar. Drawing together a unique combination of authors that have researched the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in general, and the ...
    • Gulf Security in the Age of Covid-19 

      Cole, Juan; Baabood, Abdullah; Kozhanov, Nikolay; Zaccara, Luciano; Al Ansari, Majed ( Gulf Studies center - College of Arts & Sciences - Qatar University , 2020 , Video)
    • Navigating Troubled Waters: Experts' Views on GCC Challenges for Socio-Economic Recovery in the Post-Covid-19 Period 

      Kozhanov, Nikolay; Zaccara, Luciano ( Gulf Studies Center , 2020 , Article)
      The GCC economies are being seriously hit by the negative impact of low oil prices and spread of Covid-19 pandemic. The restrained inflow of oil incomes deepens the budget deficit of the countries and makes government ...
    • Saudi Arabia in Struggle for the Chinese Oil Market: the Price War as Necessity 

      Kozhanov, Nikolay ( Gulf Studies Center , 2020 , Article)
      The new agreement between the OPEC members and a group of non-OPEC countries (so called OPEC+ group) that was reached on 12 April 2020 does not necessarily mean the end of the price war. Starting from May, the participants ...
    • The privatization of Saudi ARAMCO and the future of national oil companies of the Gulf 

      Kozhanov, Nikolay ( Gulf Studies center - College of Arts & Sciences - Qatar University , 2019 , Conference Paper)
      On November 3, 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that the national oil company, Saudi Aramco, would be partially privatized. The process is scheduled to begin on November 17. This news made a lot of noise. First, for the first ...