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    SPEAKING FROM BEHIND THE VEIL: Khaleeji Women’s Political and Social Participation through Social Media  Alhamadi, Amna Abdulmohsen2015Master Thesis
    Special issue (GPS, 2016): The Fifth International Gas Processing Symposium (Qatar)  El-Naas, M.; El-Naas, Muftah H.; Zacharia, Renju; Elbashir, Nimir; Zhang, Zhien; Dindoruk, Birol2018ElsevierConference Paper
    A Special System Of Boundary Value Problems
    Alternative Title: نطام خاص من مسائل القيم الحدية
    Mohamed, M. I [محمد ابراهيم محمد]1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Specific bioactive compounds in ginger and apple alleviate hyperglycemia in mice with high fat diet-induced obesity via Nrf2 mediated pathway  Sampath, Chethan; Rashid, Muhammed; Sang, Shengmin; Ahmedna, Mohamed2017ElsevierArticle
    Specific gene patterns and molecular pathways related to human carcinogenesis in different populations among various geographic locations.  Al Moustafa, Ala-Eddin; Al-Antary, Noor T M2016WileyOther
    Specifying Security Goals of Component Based Systems: An End-User Perspective  Khan, Khaled M.; Han, Jun2008IEEEConference Paper
    Spectral, thermal, and molecular modeling studies on the encapsulation of selected sulfonamide drugs in ?-cyclodextrin nano-cavity  Bani-Yaseen, A.D.; Mo'Ala, A.2014ElsevierArticle
    Spectrophotometric and thermal studies on the charge – Transfer complexes of 4-(aminomethyl) piperidine as donor with σ- and π-electron acceptors  Mostafa, Adel; El-Ghossein, Nada; AlQaradawi, Siham Y.2014ElsevierArticle
    Spectroscopic investigation of the charge-transfer interactions between 1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane and the acceptors iodine, TCNE, TCNQ and chloranil  AlQaradawi, Siham Y.; Nour, E.M.2007ElsevierArticle
    Spectroscopic investigation of the donor-acceptor interaction between o-phenylenediamine and tetracyanoethylene in dichloromethane  Aljaber, Amina S.; Nour, El-Metwally2007Elsevier B. V.Article
    Spectroscopic investigation of the novel charge-transfer complex [(phen)(TCNE)12] formed in the reaction of phenacetin with tetracyanoethylene  AlQaradawi, Siham Y.; Nour, El-Metwally2005ElsevierArticle
    Spectroscopic Studies On Some Methylphosphonothioic Diamides And Related Compounds
    Alternative Title: دراسات طيفية عن بعض ثنائي الأمينات لمثيل الفسفونوثيويك وبعض المركبات المتعلقة بها
    Ibrahim, E. H. M. [عز الدين حرب محمد ابراهيم]; Nour, E. M.; Alnaimi, I. S.1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Spectroscopy in Corrosion Studies of Copper
    Alternative Title: دراسة تآكل النحاس بالقياسات الطيفية
    El Samahy, A. A. [احمد عبد الله السماحي]; El-Khatib, R.; El-Cheikh, F. M.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Spectrum of mutations of cystic fibrosis in the 22 Arab countries: A systematic review.  Al-Sadeq, Duaa; Abunada, Taghreed; Dalloul, Rajaa; Fahad, Sara; Taleb, Sara; Aljassim, Kholoud; Al Hamed, Fatima Alzahra; Zayed, Hatem2018WileyArticle
    Spectrum of mutations of familial hypercholesterolemia in the 22 Arab countries.  Alhababi, Dalal; Zayed, Hatem2018ElsevierArticle
    Speech community: a critique of Labov's definition  Al Amadidhi, Darwish1991Qatar UniversityArticle
    Speed perception and actual speed in a driving simulator and real-world: A validation study  Hussain Q.; Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Pirdavani A.; Reinolsmann N.; Brijs K.; Brijs T.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
    A spherical-plot solution to linking acceleration metrics with animal performance, state, behaviour and lifestyle  Wilson, Rory P.; Holton, Mark D.; Walker, James S.; Shepard, Emily L.C.; Scantlebury, D. Mike; Wilson, Vianney L.; Wilson, Gwendoline I.; Tysse, Brenda; Gravenor, Mike; Ciancio, Javier; McNarry, Melitta A.; Mackintosh, Kelly A.; Qasem, Lama; Rosell, Frank; Graf, Patricia M.; Quintana, Flavio; Gomez-Laich, Agustina; Sala, Juan-Emilio; Mulvenna, Christina C.; Marks, Nicola J.; Jones, Mark W.2016BioMed CentralArticle
    Spiderweb Honeycombs  Mousanezhad, D.; Ebrahimi, H.; Haghpanah, B.; Ghosh, R.; Ajdari, A.; Hamouda, A.M.S.; Vaziri, A.2015Elsevier Ltd.Article
    Sponges (Porifera) In Submarine Caves  Vacelet, Jean [جين فاسالية]1999Qatar UniversityArticle