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    M cell targeting engineered biomaterials for effective vaccination  ArifulIslam, Mohammad; Firdous, Jannatul; Badruddoza, Abu Zayed Md; Reesor, Emma; Azad , Mohammad; ... more authors 2019Elsevier LtdArticle
    An M-Commerce Platform to Help Solve the Challenges Faced by Independent Home Businesses in Qatar  Hammad, Doua Naim2019Thesis
    M-LEARNING FOR TRAINING ENGLISH AT WORKPLACE  Samaka, Mohammed; Ismail, Loay; Abu Abdulla, Nosayba; Clark, Brendan2012IATED Digital LibraryArticle
    M-Profile ray tracing technique for multipath propagation  Kheirallah, H.N.; Rashwan, H.M.; Aboul-Saoud, A.K.1987IETArticle
    Machine Learning Application for Optimizing Asymmetrical Reduction of Acetophenone Employing Complete Cell of Lactobacillus Senmaizuke as an Environmentally Friendly Approach  Taylan, Osman; Yilmaz, Mustafa Tahsin; Balubaid, Mohammed; Alamoudi, Rami; El-Obeid, Tahra; ... more authors 2020Hysen MANKOLLI, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC)Article
    Machine learning based photovoltaics (PV) power prediction using different environmental parameters of Qatar  Khandakar , Amith; Chowdhury, Muhammad E. H.; Kazi, Monzure- Khoda; Benhmed , Kamel; Touati , Farid; ... more authors 2019MDPI AGArticle
    Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Categorization in Multi-Cloud Environments  Salman, Tara; Bhamare, Deval; Erbad, Aiman; Jain, Raj; Samaka, Mohammed2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Machine learning in the Internet of Things: Designed techniques for smart cities  Din I.U.; Guizani M.; Rodrigues J.J.P.C.; Hassan S.; Korotaev V.V.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
    Machine Learning-Based Network Vulnerability Analysis of Industrial Internet of Things  Zolanvari M.; Teixeira M.A.; Gupta L.; Khan K.M.; Jain R.2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
    Machine-Learning Based Relay Selection in AF Cooperative Networks  Gouissem A.; Samara L.; Hamila R.; Al-Dhahir N.; Ben-Brahim L.; ... more authors 2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications: A survey  Verma, Pawan Kumar; Verma, Rajesh; Prakash, Arun; Agrawal, Ashish; Naik, Kshirasagar; ... more authors 2016Academic PressArticle Review
    Macro- and micronutrients consumption and the risk for colorectal cancer among Jordanians  Tayyem, Reema F.; Bawadi, Hiba A.; Shehadah, Ihab N.; Abu-Mweis, Suhad S.; Agraib, Lana M.; ... more authors 2015Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)Article
    Macroalgal polysaccharides in biomimetic nanodelivery systems  Geskovski, Nikola; Sazdovska, Simona Dimchevska; Goracinova, Katerina2019Bentham Science PublishersArticle Review
    Macrobenthos in the central Arabian Gulf: a reflection of climate extremes and variability  Wei, Chih-Lin; Rowe, Gilbert T.; Al-Ansi, Mohsin; Al-Maslamani, Ibrahim; Soliman, Yousria; ... more authors 2016Springer International PublishingArticle
    Macroeconomic Determinants Of The Behavior of Kuwait Stock Exchange  Al Mutairi, Abdullah; Al Omar, Husain2007Qatar UniversityArticle
    Macrophage Infection by Mycobacteria  Saleh, Mazen; Longhi, Giulia; Hanifi-Moghaddam, Pejman; Toubassy, Roula2016OMICS InternationalArticle
    Macrophage responses associated with COVID-19: A pharmacological perspective  Booz, George W.; Altara, Raffaele; Eid, Ali H.; Wehbe, Zena; Fares, Souha; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
    The magical influence of statistical significance
    Alternative Title: التأثير السحري للدلالة الإحصائية
    Alsmadi, Abdalla; Al Hajj, Ferial; الصمادي، عبد الله; الحاج، فريال2004Qatar UniversityArticle
    Magnesium Intake and Sleep Disorder Symptoms: Findings from the Jiangsu Nutrition Study of Chinese Adults at Five-Year Follow-Up.  Cao, Yingting; Zhen, Shiqi; Taylor, Anne W; Appleton, Sarah; Atlantis, Evan; ... more authors 2018MDPIArticle
    Magnetic solid phase extraction (MSPE) for chromatographic separation of carbamates.  Issa, A.A.; Al-Saad, K.A.; Luyt, A.S.2018WileyArticle