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    Trinidadian Racial politics and Africa in V.S. Naipaul's A Way in The World  Nash, Geoffrey1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Triple Negative Breast Cancer Profile, from Gene to microRNA, in Relation to Ethnicity.  Gupta, I.; Sareyeldin, RM; Al-Hashimi, I; Al-Thawadi, HA; Al Farsi, H; Vranic, S; Al Moustafa, AE2019MDPIArticle
    Triterpenoids from Salvia aegyptiaca  Bruno, Maurizio; Ciriminna, Rosaria; Al-Easa, Hala S.; Rizk, Abdel-Fattah M.1993Article
    Trust not trebonius: gentlemen all in Julius Caesar  Kinghorn, A. M.1985Qatar UniversityArticle
    Trust in development: some implications of knowing in indigenous knowledge  Sillitoe, P.2010Blackwell Publishing Ltd.Article
    Trusted News Sources’ Measures and their Relationships to Social and Public Attitudes: An Analysis of the First Annual Omnibus Survey of Life in Qatar  Meeds, Robert; Al-Emadi, Darwish; Diop, Abdoulaye2013Georgia State UnivesrityArticle
    Truth against truth: American and Arab history school textbooks portrayal of the Arab–Israeli conflict  Romanowski, Michael H.; Alkhateeb, Hadeel2011Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    Tryptophan-functionalized gold nanoparticles for deep UV imaging of microbial cells  Pajović, Jelena D.; Dojčilović, Radovan; Božanić, Dušan K.; Kaščáková, Slavka; Réfrégiers, Matthieu; Dimitrijević-Branković, Suzana; Vodnik, Vesna V.; Milosavljević, Aleksandar R.; Piscopiello, Emanuela; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Djoković, Vladimir2015ElsevierArticle
    Tutorials-Based System to Assist Qatari Children with Special Needs  Alja'am, Jihad M.; Alsuwaidi, Haya; Alkuwari, Noor; Aldosari, Hamda2008IEEEArticle
    Two Forms Of The Backlund Transformation Of A Third Order Differential Equation
    Alternative Title: صيغتان لتحويلات باكلاند لمعادلة تفاضلية من الرتبة الثالثة
    El Sherbiny, H. M. [حامد مصطفى الشربيني]; Mansour, M. B.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Two Notes On Modular P-Algebras  Al Assar, S. [سناء العصار]; Abdel-Hakim, M.1988Qatar UniversityArticle
    Two patients with Canavan disease and structural modeling of a novel mutation.  Zaki, Osama K; Krishnamoorthy, Navaneethakrishnan; El Abd, Heba S; Harche, Soumaya A; Mattar, Reem A; Al Disi, Rana S; Nofal, Mariam Y; El Bekay, Rajaa; Ahmed, Khalid A; George Priya Doss, C; Zayed, Hatem2017Springer USArticle
    Two-phase sample size estimation with pre-assignedvariance under normality assumption  Salehi, M.; Levy, P.S.; Rao, J.2010Shiraz UniversityArticle
    A Two-Point Boundary Value Problem for a Second Order Differential Equation with Parameter
    Alternative Title: المسألة الحدية ذات النقطتان للمعادلات التفاضلية من الدرجة الثانية ذات البارامتر
    Goma, I. A.1982Qatar UniversityArticle
    Two-stage cultivation of a Nannochloropsis mutant for biodiesel feedstock  Doan, Y.T.T.; Obbard, J.P.2015Springer VerlagArticle
    Two-stage cultivation of N-rich and N-deprived Acutodesmus obliquus biomass: Influence of cultivation and dewatering methods on microalgal biomass used in anaerobic digestion  Gruber-Brunhumer, M.; Nussbaumer, M.; Jerney, J.; Ludwig, I.; Zohar, E.; Lang, I.; Bochmann, G.; Schagerl, M.; Obbard, J.P.; Fuchs, W.; Drosg, B.2016ElsevierArticle
    Two-step single slope/SAR ADC with error correction for CMOS image sensor  Tang, Fang; Bermak, Amine; Amira, Abbes; Amor Benammar, Mohieddine; He, Debiao; Zhao, Xiaojin2014Hindawi Publishing CorpArticle
    Type 2 diabetes mellitus in pregnancy: The impact of maternal weight and early glycaemic control on outcomes.  Bashir, Mohammed; Dabbous, Zeinab; Baagar, Khaled; Elkhatib, Fadi; Ibrahim, Amin; Brich, Sanam-Alhouda; Konje, Justin C; Abou-Samra, Abdul-Badie2018ElsevierArticle
    Tyrosine Ingestion and Its Effects on Cognitive and Physical Performance in the Heat  Coull, Nicole; Chrismas, Bryna; Watson, Phillip; Horsfall, Rachel; Taylor, Lee2016American College of Sports MedicineArticle