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    Unveiling of Matters: The Role of Investigative Journalism in Uncovering Corruption in the Arab World  Al-Shami, Abdulrahman2019IntechOpenBook chapter
    An upper bound of the basis number of the semi-strong product of cycles with bipartite graphs  Jaradat, Mohammed M.M.2007The Korean Mathematical SocietyArticle
    Upper Versus Lower Gastrointestinal Delivery for Transplantation of Fecal Microbiota in Recurrent or Refractory Clostridium difficile Infection: A Collaborative Analysis of Individual Patient Data From 14 Studies  Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Doi, Suhail A.R.; Paterson, David L.; Helms, Stefan K.; Yakob, Laith; McKenzie, Samantha J.; Garborg, Kjetil; Emanuelsson, Frida; Stollman, Neil; Kronman, Matthew P.; Clark, Justin; Huber, Charlotte A.; Riley, Thomas V.; Clements, Archie C.A.2017Wolters KluwerArticle
    Uptake of Reactive Black 5 by pumice and walnut activated carbon: Chemistry and adsorption mechanisms  Heibati, B.; Rodriguez-Couto, S.; Amrane, A.; Rafatullah, M.; Hawari, A.; Al-Ghouti, M.A.2014Korean Society of Industrial Engineering ChemistryArticle
    Urban and landscape design strategies for flood resilience in Chennai city  Muneerudeen, AlifaMaster Thesis
    Urban Design and Livability: The Regeneration of the Corniche in Doha  Furlan, Raffaello2016Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    The urban fabric of Al Zubarah city: Unveiling an urban regeneration vision for modern urbanism in Qatar  Al-Harami, Albandari; Furlan, Raffaello2018Henry Stewart PublicationsArticle
    Urban Form and Sense of Community: Exploring Catalysts for Community Sustainability within Al-Wakrah Neighborhood in Qatar  Alfaraidy, Maryam; Raffaello, Furlan2017Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Urban Planning in Qatar: Strategies and Vision for the Development of Transit Villages in Doha  Zaina, Samar; Zaina, Sara; Furlan, Raffaello2016Taylor & Francis (Routledge)Article
    Urban Regeneration in Qatar: A Comprehensive Planning Strategy for the Transport Oriented Development (TOD) of Al-Waab  Alattar, Deema Anwar; Furlan, Raffaello2017Henry Stewart PublicationsArticle
    The Urban Regeneration of al Nasser street in Doha (Qatar): Enhancing the Spatial Form and User’ Social Interactions  Al Saeed, Mahmoud H.; Furlan, Raffaello2017Gotam SinghArticle
    Urban Regeneration of GCC Cities: Preserving the Urban Fabric’s Cultural Heritage and Social Complexity  Furlan, Raffaello; Faggion, Laura2017MedCrave GroupArticle
    The Urban Regeneration of West Bay, Business District of Doha (State of Qatar)  Al Saeed, Mahmoud H.; Furlan, Raffaello2018MedCraveArticle
    The Urban Regeneration of West-Bay, Business District of Doha (State of Qatar): A Transit Oriented Development Enhancing Livability  Furlan, Raffaello; Petruccioli, Attilio; Major, Mark David; Zaina, Sara; Zaina, Samar; Al Saeed, Mahmoud; Saleh, Dina2018ElsevierArticle
    Urban Revitalization of Public Spaces in the Pearl in Qatar  Muneerudeen, Alifa; Al Khani, Fadi; Furlan, Raffaello2016Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Urdu in Devanagari: Shifting orthographic practices and Muslim identity in Delhi  Ahmad, Rizwan2011Cambridge University PressArticle
    Urea Hydrolysis and Urease Activity in Saudi Arabian Soils
    Alternative Title: تحولات اليوريا ونشاط إنزيم اليورييز في الترب الزراعية بالمملكة العربية السعودية
    Al Falih, Abdullah M. [عبد الله مساعد خلف الفالح]2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Urine tests for diagnosis of infectious diseases and antibiotic –resistant pathogens  Eltai, Nahla; Alhussain, Hashim; Al-Thani, Asma; Yassine, Hadi; Doiphode, Sanjay2019IntechOpenBook chapter
    US-Qatar Relations: Uncertainty or Strategic Partnership?
    Alternative Title: ندوة بعنوان "آفاق الشراكة الاستراتيجية الأمريكية القطرية"
    Jahshan, Khalil E.; Al-ansary, Majed; Al-ansary, Reem; lawrence, William2018Arab Center Washington DCVideo