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    3 سنوات على حصار قطر .. التحديات والاستجابة | صباح النور  الزويري, محجوب2020التلفزيون العربي - Alaraby TVVideo
    300 يوم من الدسائس والغدر (1-2)  الكواري, ربيعة بن صباح2018جريدة الشرقArticle
    300 يوم من الدسائس والغدر (2-2)  الكواري, ربيعة بن صباح2018جريدة الشرقArticle
    Annual Omnibus Survey: A survey of life in Qatar 2014
    Alternative Title: المسح السنوي الشامل : مسح عن الحياة في دولة قطر 2014
    Diop, Abdoulaye; Gengler, Justin John; Khan, Mohammad N.; Traugott, Michael; Elawad, Elmogiera Fadlallh; ... more authors 2015The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar University.Other
    Comparisons of Visceral Adiposity Index, Body Shape Index, Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference and Their Associations with Diabetes Mellitus in Adults.  Wei, Junxiang; Liu, Xin; Xue, Hong; Wang, Youfa; Shi, Zumin2019MDPIArticle
    Decline in oyster populations in traditional fishing grounds; is habitat damage by static fishing gear a contributory factor in ecosystem degradation?  Al-Maslamani, Ibrahim; Smyth, David; Giraldes, Bruno; Chatting, Mark; Al-Mohannadi, Mohammed; ... more authors 2018ElsevierArticle
    Effect of SAMe-TT2R2 score and genetic polymorphism on the quality of anticoagulation control in Qatari patients treated with warfarin.  Elewa, Hazem; Qurishi, Iqrah; Abouelhassan, Rawan; Abou Safrah, Salam; Alhamoud, Eman; ... more authors 2020Springer NatureArticle
    Food security, technology, and techniques
    Alternative Title: التكنولوجيا والتقنيات والأمن الغذائي
    Ghani, Saud; Aljabri, Hareb; El Kharbotly, Ali2017Qatar University - College of EngineeringOther
    Generic Medicines: the big picture  Hassali, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad2018Presentation
    Health Outcomes from Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Infections in High-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  Parisi, A.; Parisi, Andrea; Crump, John A.; Glass, Kathryn; Howden, Benjamin P.; ... more authors 2018Mary Ann LiebertArticle
    Identification of an amino-terminus determinant critical for ryanodine receptor/Ca2+ release channel function.  Seidel, Monika; de Meritens, Camille Rabesahala; Johnson, Louisa; Parthimos, Dimitris; Bannister, Mark; ... more authors 2020Oxford University PressArticle
    Impact of Innovative Learning Environment Based on Research Activities on Secondary School Student's Attitude Towards Research and Their Self-Efficacy.  Al-Ghanim, Kaltham A; Al-Maadeed, Mariam A; Al-Thani, Noora Jabor2014European Scientific Institute, ESI.Article
    Keynote Speech by Dr. Syed Farid Alatas on Contemporary Significance of Ibn Khaldon  Alatas, Syed Farid2019Ibn Khaldon for Humanities and Social Sciences Center - Qatar UniversityVideo
    Learning : the treasure within
    Alternative Title: التعليم ذلك الكنز المكنون
    عبد العزيز عبد الرحمن كمال1998Qatar UniversityArticle
    Pharmaceutical Industry in Qatar  Al-Mohannadi, Ahmed2018Presentation
    Photoinduced electron transfer interaction of anthraquinones with aniline quenchers: Influence of methyl substitution in aniline donors  Sivakumar, V.; Ponnamma, Deepalekshmi; Hussein, Yasser H. A.2017ElsevierArticle
    Physical and legal inability under Article 17(3) of the Rome Statute  Hassanein, Ahmed Samir2015Brill Academic PublishersArticle
    Reporting in the MENA Region: Cyber Engagement and Pan-Arab Social Media  الشامي, عبد الرحمن محمد2017Georgia State UniversityBook Review
    test  test, test2019Book chapter
    The effect of teaching science and mathematics in Arabic on the level of students' performance in Qatari schools
    Alternative Title: أثر تدريس مادتي العلوم والرياضيات باللغة العربية على مستوى أداء الطلاب في المدارس القطرية
    Tahtamouni, Suha Fayed; Mohammed, Chinda; Zukari, Lina Said; Tayeh, Momena Khader; Sadiq, Hissa; تهتموني, سهى فايد; محمد, شيندا علوان; زوكاري, لينا سعيد; تايه, مؤمنة خضر; صادق, حصة... more authors 2020Qatar University PressPoster