TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
    Corrosion of general oil-field grade steel in CO2 environment - An update in the light of current understanding  Sk, Mobbassar Hassan; Abdullah, Aboubakr M2017Electrochemical Science GroupArticle
    Ecotoxicological Assessment of Thermally- and Hydrogen-Reduced Graphene Oxide/TiO₂ Photocatalytic Nanocomposites Using the Zebrafish Embryo Model.  Al-Kandari, Halema; Younes, Nadin; Al-Jamal, Ola; Zakaria, Zain Z; Najjar, Huda; ... more authors 2019MDPIArticle
    Multifunctional self-healing polymeric nanocomposite coatings for corrosion inhibition of steel  Bahgat, Ahmed; Shakoor, R. A.; Abdullah, Aboubakr M2020Qatar University PressPoster