• Annual Omnibus Survey: A survey of life in Qatar 2014 

      Diop, Abdoulaye; Gengler, Justin John; Khan, Mohammad N.; Traugott, Michael; Elawad, Elmogiera Fadlallh; ... more authors ( The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar University. , 2015 , Other)
      This Executive Summary presents the highlights of the 2014 Omnibus survey, the fourth in a series of Omnibus surveys since 2010. The surveys were carried out by the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) ...
    • From the "Fareej" to Metropolis" Qatar Social Capital Sirvey II 

      Diop, Abdoulaye; Al Ansari, Majed; Ken T. Le, Kien; Elmaghraby, Engi; Al Bloshi, Amina; ... more authors ( SESRI - Qatar University , 2017 , Report)
      Qatar faces a social and economic transformation today linked to its unique demographic composition. Understanding social interactions within and across its diverse subgroups is critical for understanding and managing ...
    • Gulf Security in the Age of Covid-19 

      Cole, Juan; Baabood, Abdullah; Kozhanov, Nikolay; Zaccara, Luciano; Al Ansari, Majed ( Gulf Studies center - College of Arts & Sciences - Qatar University , 2020 , Video)
    • Qatar’s first elections since 2017 reveal unexpected impact of GCC crisis 

      Gengler, Justin; Al Ansari, Majed ( Al-Monitor , 2019 , Article)
      Turnout in the Qatari municipal election has declined, suggesting a Qatari citizenry that is slightly less engaged in the formal political process in the wake of the GCC crisis.