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    Considering the Specific Impact of Harsh Conditions and Oil Weathering on Diversity, Adaptation, and Activity of Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria in Strategies of Bioremediation of Harsh Oily-Polluted Soils  Al Disi, Zulfa; Jaoua, Samir; Al-Thani, Dhabia; Al-Meer, Saeed; Zouari, Nabil2017Hindawi Publishing CorporationArticle
    Evidence of a Role for Aerobic Bacteria in High Magnesium Carbonate Formation in the Evaporitic Environment of Dohat Faishakh Sabkha in Qatar  Al Disi, Zulfa; Jaoua, Samir; Bontognali, Tomaso R.R.; Attia, Essam S.M.; Al-Kuwari, Hamad A. Al Saad; ... more authors 2017Frontiers MediaArticle
    The use of Principle Component Analysis and MALDI-TOF MS for the differentiation of mineral forming Virgibacillus and Bacillus species isolated from Sabkhas.  Abdel Samad, Rim; Al Disi, Zulfa; Ashfaq, Mohammad; Zouari, Nabil2020Qatar University PressPoster