• Gulf Security in the Age of Covid-19 

      Cole, Juan; Baabood, Abdullah; Kozhanov, Nikolay; Zaccara, Luciano; Al Ansari, Majed ( Gulf Studies center - College of Arts & Sciences - Qatar University , 2020 , Video)
    • Oman's independent foreign policy 

      Baabood, Abdullah ( Taylor and Francis , 2016 , Book chapter)
      This chapter examines and explains the nature of Oman’s foreign policy. In doing so, it will apply three levels of foreign policy analysis, including the societal level, the state level, and the system level. The chapter ...
    • QU Seminar Addresses The Qatar Blockade And Its Effects On The Region 

      Al Derham, Hassan; Baabood, Abdullah; bin Nahar, Nayef; Kabbani, Nader; Ghabra, Shafeeq; ... more authors ( Qatar University - Newsroom , 2017 , Other)
      Qatar University (QU) yesterday held a seminar to discuss the blockade imposed on Qatar by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and its impact on the Gulf region’s security and stability and its socio-economic growth.
    • The Relationship between Al-Sahwa Social Movement and the Saudi Regime, an Apprisal 

      Hamad, Amina Rahma Hussien (2017 , Thesis)
      Al-Sahwa is a social movement, with a clear socio-religio dimension that has emerged against the background of the Arab Cold War that witnessed a series of conflicts between the nationalism bloc led by Gamal Abd al-Nasser ...