TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
    Chronic probiotic supplementation with or without glutamine does not influence the eHsp72 response to a multi-day ultra-endurance exercise event.  Marshall, Hannah; Chrismas, Bryna Catherine Rose; Suckling, Craig Anthony; Roberts, Justin D; Foster, Josh; ... more authors 2017NRC Research PressArticle
    Mixed-methods pre-match cooling improves simulated soccer performance in the heat.  Aldous, Jeffrey William Frederick; Chrismas, Bryna Catherine Rose; Akubat, Ibrahim; Stringer, Charlotte Anne; Abt, Grant; ... more authors 2019Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Muscle-damaging exercise 48 h prior to a maximal incremental exercise treadmill test reduces time to exhaustion: is it time to reconsider our pretest procedures?  Chrismas, Bryna Catherine Rose; Taylor, Lee; Sieglar, Jason Charles; Midgley, Adrian Wayne2017Taylor & FrancisArticle