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    COVID-19 Creating Opportunities from a Crisis for Pharmacy Students: Discussion From Around The Globe
    Alternative Title: كوفيد-19 خلق الفرص من الأزمات لطلاب الصيدلة: نقاش من حول العالم
    Al-Naimi, Hend; Mujtaba, Ghulam; Othman, Wafa; Kieley, Melissa; Jomha, Ismail; ... more authors 2020College of Pharmacy - Qatar UniversityArticle
    Pharmacy Student Leaders' Perspectives on the Impact of COVID-19 on their Learning: SWOC Analysis  Al-Naimi, Hend Al-Naimi; Elkattan, Bassant; Mohammed, Hiba; Shafei, Laila; Elshazly, Marwa; ... more authors 2020Qatar University PressPoster