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    ArCov-19: The First Arabic COVID-19 Twitter Database with Propagation Networks
    Alternative Title: أول مدونة تغريدات عربية حول فيروس كورونا (كوفيد-19) متاحة بشبكات الانتشار
    Haouari, Fatima; Hasanain, Maram; Suwaileh, Reem; Elsayed, Tamer2020Cornel UniversityArticle  &   Video
    BIGIR at CLEF 2019: Automatic verification of Arabic claims over the web  Haouari, Fatima; Ali, Zien Sheikh; Elsayed, Tamer2019CEUR-WSConference Paper
    Building a Test Collection for Significant-Event Detection in Arabic Tweets  Almerekhi, Hind Ali2016Master Thesis
    CloudFlow: A data-aware programming model for cloud workflow applications on modern HPC systems  Zhang, Fan; Malluhi, Qutaibah M.; Elsayed, Tamer; Khan, Samee U.; Li, Keqin; ... more authors 2015ElsevierArticle
    Crowd vs. Expert: What can relevance judgment rationales teach us about assessor disagreement?  Kutlu, M.; Kutlu, Mucahid; McDonnell, Tyler; Barkallah, Yassmine; Elsayed, Tamer; ... more authors 2018ACMConference Paper
    DART: A large dataset of dialectal Arabic tweets  Alsarsour, Israa; Mohamed, Esraa; Suwaileh, Reem; Elsayed, Tamer2019European Language Resources Association (ELRA)Conference Paper
    Overview of the CLEF-2019 Checkthat! LAB: Automatic identification and verification of claims. Task 2: Evidence and factuality  Hasanain, Maram; Suwaileh, Reem; Elsayed, Tamer; Barr�n-Cede�o, Alberto; Nakov, Preslav2019CEUR-WSConference Paper
    Query performance prediction for microblog search  Hasanain, Maram; Elsayed, Tamer2017Elsevier LtdArticle
    Real-time Tweet Summarization Mobile Application  Salim, Nazar S.2018Professional Masters Project
    SparkIR: a Scalable Distributed Information Retrieval Engine over Spark  Al-Rasbi, Sara Yaqoob2020Master Thesis
    Unsupervised adaptive microblog filtering for broad dynamic topics  Magdy, Walid; Elsayed, Tamer2016ElsevierArticle