• Performance Evaluation Of A Msf Desalination Plant In Qatar 

      Okelah, M.R.S.; Tag, I.A. ( Qatar University , 1992 , Article)
      In this paper, an assessment of the performance of one of the multistage flash (MSF) desalination units operating in conjunction with the gas-turbine cogenera-tion power plant in Qatar is carried out under different operating ...
    • Performance of Greenhouses in The Arabian Gulf 

      Hassab, M.A.; Tag, I.A. ( Qatar University , 1990 , Article)
      This work is devoted to the gaining of insight into the operation of environmentally controlled greenhouse in hot and humid climates. Field data inside and outside the greenhouse, namely: solar radiation, dry and wet bulb ...

      Ashour, H.A.; Tag, I.A.; Al-Naimi, I.S. ( Blackwell Publishing Ltd , 1994 , Article)
    • Solidification Of Steel Billets In Continuous Casting 

      Kandeil, A.Y.; Tag, I.A.; Hassab, M.A. ( Qatar University , 1991 , Article)
      For practical operation, it is necessary to know how the solidification of liquid steel progresses i.e. when and where a strand has completely solidified. Decisions on, the casting speed, the spray water flow rates and ...
    • Study of A Time Dependent Double -Diffusive Salinity Problem 

      Tag, I.A.; Hassab, M.A. ( Qatar University , 1989 , Article)
      The time-dependent, double diffusive stability problem for a horizontal layer of salty water bounded by two rigid isothermal surfaces is analyzed using a linear perturbation technique. Initially, the layer is subjected to ...