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AuthorEl Nimr, M.K.
AuthorSaleh, H.A.
AuthorFayek, M. K.
Available date2009-12-23T10:43:49Z
Publication Date1985-01-21
Publication NameApplied Physics A
CitationEl-Nimr, M. K., Saleh, H. A., & Fayek, M. K. (1985). Mössbauer study of Zn x Ni5/3−x Fe1Sb1/3O4 spinel ferrite. Applied Physics A, 38(1), 67–75
AbstractThe antimony substituted nickel ferrite ZnxNi5/3–xFe1Sb1/3O4 with different values ofx are prepared, checked by x-ray and studied with57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy over a wide temperature range. Characteristic spectra of paramagnetic, magnetic and electronic relaxation types for the different compositions have been observed. The interpretation of the spectra allows the cation distribution of the compounds to be deduced. The Mössbauer effect parameters at different temperatures are calculated and their dependence on the substitution of non-magnetic Zn+2 for the magnetic nickel ions are discussed. The temperature dependence of the hyperfine magnetic fields and the respective Néel temperature points are obtained
PublisherSpringer Verlag
TitleMössbauer study of ZnxNi5/3−xFe1Sb1/3O4 spinel ferrite

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