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AuthorBenammar, M.
AuthorBen-Brahim, L.
AuthorAlhamadi, M.A.
AuthorAl-Emadi, N.
AuthorAl-Hitmi, M.
Available date2009-12-28T07:17:41Z
Publication Date2008
Publication NameIEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE) 2008
CitationBenammar, M.; Ben-Brahim, L.; Alhamadi, M.A.; Al-Emadi, N.; Al-Hitmi, M., "An open-loop technique for angle determination from position encoders," Industrial Electronics, 2008. ISIE 2008. IEEE International Symposium on , vol., no., pp.1044,1049, June 30 2008-July 2 2008
AbstractThe paper presents a novel technique for the determination of the angle from low-frequency quadrature cosinusoidal signals produced, for example, by position sensors. In the presented scheme applied to a resolver, the separately generated constant-frequency sine wave used for exciting the resolver together with an additional cosine wave are used as reference against which the amplitudes of the angle-dependent demodulated resolver sine and cosine signals are compared. At the instant equality between amplitudes of respective signals are detected, a sample and hold circuit samples a voltage proportional to the angle of the shaft of the resolver from a triangular waveform generated from the reference signals. This is a feed-forward method, which is an analog equivalent to digital look up table techniques. In order to improve the precision of the proposed converter, a new technique is used to take full advantage of the alternating pseudo-linear segments of the trigonometric signals. With this method, the sampling relies only on the accurate comparison outside the peak regions of the signals. A converter based on this technique has been successfully implemented using basic electronic components. Theory of operation, computer simulation and experimental results are given.
Subjectanalogue-digital conversion
sample and hold circuits
TitleAn open-loop technique for angle determination from position encoders
TypeConference Paper

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