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AuthorAhmed, M.H.
AuthorAbdel-Kader, O.H.
AuthorKaiser, M.F.
Available date2009-12-29T08:16:14Z
Publication Date2008
Publication NameIEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2007
CitationAhmed, M.H.; Abdel-Kader, O.H.; Kaiser, M.F., "Hazards influencing coastal plains management along the Eastern stretch of the Gulf of Suez, using remote sensing and GIS," Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2007. IGARSS 2007. IEEE International, pp.3728,3731, 23-28 July 2007
ISBN978-1-4244-1211-2 (Print)
ISBN978-1-4244-1212-9 (Online)
AbstractThis research aims at to assess the impact of natural hazards on the human activities and development planning held along the eastern coastal stretch of the Gulf of Suez. Change detection technique was used in combined with geologic and topographic maps, GIS and field investigations to specify and categorize environmental hazards along the concerned area. This site is characterized by enormous natural resources, including hot vents in Hammam Faroun and Ayun Mousa, oil exploration and mineral deposits in W. Araba, W. Sidri and Ras Malaab, natural protectorates in Ras Mohamed and archaeological sites in W. Sidri, W. Feiran, El-Qaa and coastal areas between W. Feiran and El-Tor and between W. Araba and Ayun Mousa. This encourages the construction of extensive and diverse economic activities such as urbanization, industrial and tourism projects. However, this area subjected natural hazards, including flash floods, mass movement, coastal erosion and sand encroachment. Risk assessment maps for roads and urban sites were established. The eastern coastal zone of the Gulf of Suez was classified into four sectors; Sudr, Ras Malaab, Bilaiyim and El-Tor coastal plains. Each sector is characterized by specific natural resources controlled by environmental hazards. This provides the end users and decision makers with necessary information required to design the most appropriate development projects at each sector and mitigate the environmental risk for the natural resources and natural development.
SubjectLand use/ land cover
SubjectOil spills
SubjectRemote sensing
SubjectWater pollution
TitleHazards influencing coastal plains management along the Eastern stretch of the Gulf of Suez, Using remote sensing and GIS
TypeConference Paper

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