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AuthorNafkha, Ibtissem
AuthorJaoua, Ali
Available date2009-12-30T06:04:46Z
Publication Date2006-12-06
Publication Name1st International Conference on Digital Information Management 2006
CitationNafkha, I.; Jaoua, A., "Cooperative Conceptual Retrieval for Heterogeneous Information," Digital Information Management, 2006 1st International Conference on , vol., no., pp.326,331, 6-6 Dec. 2006
AbstractThe potentials of formal concept analysis (FCA) for information retrieval have been highlighted by a number of research studies since its inception. With the advent of the Web along with the unprecedented amount of information coming from sources of heterogeneous data, FCA is more useful and practical than ever, because this technology addresses important limitations of the systems that currently support users in their quest for information. In this paper, we focus on the unique features of FCA for searching in distributed heterogeneous information. The development of FCA-based applications for distributed heterogeneous information returns a major gain.
SubjectHeterogeneous Information
Subjectdata analysis
Subjectinformation retrieval
TitleCooperative Conceptual Retrieval for Heterogeneous Information
TypeConference Paper

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