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AuthorMiao, Yongwu
AuthorSamaka, Mohammed
AuthorImpagliazzo, John
Available date2013-11-27T14:36:36Z
Publication Date2013-08
Publication NameIEEE International Conference onTeaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE) 2013
CitationMiao, Yongwu; Samaka, Mohammed; Impagliazzo, John, "Facilitating teachers in developing online PBL courses," Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE), 2013 IEEE International Conference on , vol., no., pp.454,459, 26-29 Aug. 2013
AbstractDeveloping a sound online problem-based learning (PBL) course plan is difficult because teachers need comprehensive PBL and technical knowledge. This paper proposes a model-driven approach to develop a PBL authoring tool that helps teachers create and customize online PBL course plans in a cost-effective and flexible manner. A pilot study was conducted to assess teacher acceptance of the tool. The results reveal that after a short training session, teachers understood the authoring tool and thought the tool was easy to use to develop online PBL course plans.
course authoring
domain-specific modeling language
learning deisgn
model-driven architecture
TitleFacilitating Teachers in Developing Online PBL Courses
TypeConference Paper

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