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AuthorEl-Kassem, Rima Charbaji
AuthorSellami, Abdellatif
AuthorElawad, Elmogiera Fadlallh Elsaye
Available date2018-12-19T09:20:12Z
Publication Date2018-12
Publication NameInternational Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketingen_US
CitationEl-Kassem, R.C., Sellami, A. & Elawad, E.F.E. Int Rev Public Nonprofit Mark (2018) 15: 575.
AbstractThe aim of this research is to examine the factors that influence parental perceptions of the image of Qatar’s national university, Qatar University. The study builds on relevant scholarship on perceptions of organizational image and explores institutional image perceptions in the State of Qatar. Based on data collected from a sample of 256 Qatari parents, this study uses factor analysis in order to identify the variables that influence parental perceptions of Qatar University. The findings of this study indicate that the way parents perceive Qatar University is determined by three main factors: the institution’s educational standards, the facilities and extracurricular activities provided, and graduates’ employability. The paper concludes with recommendations for institutional policy and future research.
PublisherSpringer Verlag
SubjectUniversity image
SubjectEducational standards
SubjectExtracurricular activities
SubjectPath analysis
SubjectFactor analysis
TitleAntecedents and consequences of perceived student employability in Qatar: parental perspective
Issue Number4
Volume Number15
dc.identifier.essn 1865-1992

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