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AuthorIndraganti, M.
AuthorIndraganti, Madhavi
Available date2019-09-15T08:22:36Z
Publication Date2018-06-21
Publication NameSustainable Houses and Living in the Hot-Humid Climates of Asiaen_US
CitationIndraganti M. (2018) India: Bio-climatism in Vernacular Architecture. In: Kubota T., Rijal H., Takaguchi H. (eds) Sustainable Houses and Living in the Hot-Humid Climates of Asia. Springer, Singapore
Abstract© Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2018. Human beings have a natural instinct for bio-climatic home building. Vernacular architecture potentially leverages on this ability while responding to the sociocultural and economic needs of a population. India is a peninsula with a long coastline. A predominantly warm country, India has about 80% of the land under composite and warm-humid climates. This chapter navigates through the bio-climatic vernacular architecture of various climatic zones of India, emphasizing the warm-humid zones. It also provides examples that imbibed the bio-climatic spirit in creating a modern vernacular.
PublisherSpringer Singapore
SubjectBio-climatic design
SubjectClimate appropriate
SubjectHot-dry climate
SubjectIndian architecture
SubjectTropical climates
SubjectWarm-humid climate
TitleIndia: Bio-climatism in vernacular architecture
TypeBook chapter
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