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AuthorHefnawy A.
AuthorElhariri T.
AuthorCherifi C.
AuthorRobert J.
AuthorBouras A.
AuthorKubler S.
AuthorFramling K.
Available date2020-01-01T10:25:04Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameInternational Conference on Software, Knowledge Information, Industrial Management and Applications, SKIMA
AbstractIoT-enabled smart city service systems are well recognized to address issues of urbanization in the city environment. In most cases, those systems are vertically locked; and from lifecycle perspective, independently designed, built and operated. Therefore, there is a need for a global vision to horizontally integrate those systems to ensure smooth flow of information across different domains. To ensure interoperability and better management across different phases of smart city lifecycle, this paper highlights the need for smooth exchange of two types of data/information: (i) generated data from IoT data sources; (ii) lifecycle system related information. This paper proposes the use of The Open Group IoT standards to ensure interoperability and smooth data exchange; and the use of lifecycle management system to create Bill of Materials; export Objects' Tree and exchange lifecycle system related information. It also demonstrates the interaction between the proposed lifecycle system and IoT platform within smart parking use-case. - 2017 IEEE.
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
dc.source Scopus
SubjectInternet of Things
SubjectLifecycle Management
SubjectSmart City
SubjectSmart Parking
TitleCombined use of lifecycle management and IoT in smart cities
TypeConference Paper
Volume Number2017-December

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