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AuthorWaware U.S.
AuthorHamouda A.M.S.
AuthorMajumdar D.
Available date2020-04-01T09:45:58Z
Publication Date2019
Publication NamePolymer Bulletin
AbstractThe current exploration emphasizes improving the solubility and thermal characteristics of the homopolymers–polyaniline and poly-2-aminophenol via copolymerization technique with simultaneous optimization of conductivity and dielectric behavior. Poly (aniline-co-2-aminophenol) copolymers with varying monomers compositions have been synthesized using chemical oxidative copolymerization technique. The copolymers showed considerable improvement of solubility in organic solvent compared to the unsubstituted polyaniline. Morphology of these copolymers was characterized by powdered-XRD and FESEM measurements. The studies revealed improved crystallinity in the copolymers compared to poly-2-aminophenol homopolymer. All the copolymers possess porous network with different degrees of aggregated nanoparticles blended with nanoflake structures. The copolymers also exhibited appreciable thermal stability over the homopolymers inferred from DSC measurements. The variation of frequency-dependent conductivity and dielectric permittivity of these different copolymers were further investigated and correlated with grain size distribution and varying proportions of oligoaniline segments in the polymer backbone of poly-2-aminophenol.
SponsorThe authors are thankful to the Qatar University. Also, DM acknowledges Chandernagore College, Hooghly, WB, India, and Barasat Govt. College, Barasat, Kolkata, WB, India, for research supports.
PublisherSpringer Verlag
SubjectAC conductivity
SubjectDielectric study
SubjectPhysicochemical properties
TitleOptimization of physicochemical and dielectric features in the conductive copolymers of aniline and 2-aminophenol
Issue Number11
Volume Number76

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