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AuthorEL Melhern, Jessica
AuthorBouras, Abdelaziz
AuthorGhemri, Fadi
Available date2020-05-15T00:15:03Z
Publication Date2019
Publication NameTIMES-iCON 2018 - 3rd Technology Innovation Management and Engineering Science International Conference
AbstractThis paper aims at proposing an original curriculum of sandwich training in cybersecurity in France responding to the context of the European shuffle on cybersecurity enforcement. Indeed, May of this year sets the milestone of the cybersecurity process in Europe and especially in France as it is the deadline for the transposition of the Network and Information Security European directive (NIS) on cybersecurity. This European directive is in line with the global crucial transition operating at all scales in the World. As a global concern, the cybersecurity capacity building of the next generations is at stakes. In order to formulate a viable and efficient training that meets real needs and challenges, we first analyze the current strategic and policy frameworks at many scales concerning the cybersecurity enforcement and awareness development. Once the best practices outlined, we would then analyze the current trainings provided in France in that field. Noting the lack of transversality of most of the existing trainings, we formulate an innovative proposition of training including a holistic approach by including a larger range of skills thus better in line to the international overhaul and contributing to the effective capacity building in cybersecurity.
SponsorSingapore shows us another successful way. Indeed, in 2016, the National Cybercrime Action Plan (NCAP) in Singapore, the world Leader State in Cybersecurity, was launched by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MHA) [4]. The plan sets out the necessary priorities in the action plan to combat cybercrime. These include:
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Subjectsoft skills
Subjecttransversal curriculum
TitleTowards a Holistic Approach of Cybersecurity
TypeConference Paper

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