Recent Submissions

TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
Influence of Microfinance and Empowerment on Satisfaction: Case Study of Pakistan  Yasmeen, Kausar; Alruways, Naif Mutlaq J; Yasmeen, Kashifa; Mondal, Swadhin2019Qatar University PressArticle
The Role of Mathematics in the Palestinian Economy: Estimating the Speed of the Swallowing of Palestinian Lands by the Israeli Settlements  Samarah, Wisam A.; Talalweh, Mohammad A.2019Qatar University PressArticle
Enhancing Financial and Strategic Performance through Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage: A Thematic Analysis  Krishnan, Deven; Islam, Rafikul2019Qatar University PressArticle
Does Spending Matter in Improving Healthcare Across MENA Region  Alshammari, Nayef N.; Alshuwaiee, Wael M.; Mirza, Ibrahim2019Qatar University PressArticle