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AuthorAlnaser, Fahed
AuthorShaukat, Sadia
Available date2020-11-24T08:06:57Z
Publication Date2020
Publication NameThe 5th Annual International Conference of the Gulf Studies Centre
AbstractSince 1938, oil was discovered in Kuwait that made a progressive source of socio- economic growth. In addition to that, Kuwait took initiatives to start adult education programs for women who followed by parallel programs established for men education in 1958. Currently, the Kuwaiti Government is supporting educational developments and created meetings for the social developmental challenges of the contemporary society. This policy determined amplified prospects for women empowerment with gradual but promising pace. In the past, women empowerment through education was not encouraged by the conventional and Islamist sectors of the country and anti- coeducation law. Furthermore, it was passed by the Kuwait's Parliament (1996) to segregate the male and female education sectors and levels that triggered to debate. Moreover, the connection of past controversies over the equal roles of male and female education finally overturned by Kuwait's constitutional court in 2015. The Government and private universities are encouraging female to get admission and complete their higher education. Likewise, Kuwaiti women have 40% representation in the education sector contribute an important role in the economic development of Kuwait, which is a positive indication of their increased involvement in the executive positions across educational institutions. Also, by considering the current situation of Kuwaiti women involvement in the social roles, the current study aims to examine the aspirations of Kuwaiti women while pursuing the prominent leadership roles in the Academia as a result of social change set up in the country. However, this study will determine the perspective of Kuwaiti women after finishing their graduation degree (Alumni) and their social roles in the society with their aspirations for pursuing leadership roles in the workplace. This study will invite the graduated female students (Alumni) from Kuwait University through their email addresses and they will be requested to take part in the study randomly. As well as, a sample of 25 female graduates from different departments will be selected through target sampling and will be requested for 30 minutes' interviews on the current phenomenon of the study. The participant's responses will be analyzed through thematic analysis and will be highlighted through themes and important quotes of their responses. In addition, this study will present the findings of women aspirations while pursuing the leading roles and the challenges they entercounter for achieving a desired position.
PublisherGulf Studies center - College of Arts & Sciences - Qatar University
SubjectKuwaiti Women
Subjectadult education programs for women
Subjectwomen empowerment
Subjectmale and female education
Subjectaspirations of Kuwaiti women
TitleAspirations for Pursuing the Prominent Leadership Roles in the Academia: Perspectives of Kuwaiti Women
TypeConference Paper

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