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AuthorAl-Majali, Muhammad Khazir
Available date2020-12-22T08:41:10Z
Publication Date2020-10
Publication NameAl-Bayan – Journal of Quran and Ḥadith Studies
Citational-Majali, Muhammad Khazir. The Name “Al-Raḥmān” in the Quran, its Indication and Context: A Thematic Study. Al-Bayan – Journal of Quran and Ḥadith Studies. Volume 18, issue 2, Oct. 2020
AbstractThis paper examines one of Allah’s names (Al-Raḥmān, the Merciful), and the unique manner in which it appears within some verses, in contexts that do not reflect its meaning – derived from ‘Mercy’. In light of multiple perspectives by scholars on this, it was imperative to read into the name’s mention in the Quran, study what has been introduced by scholars, and differentiate Al-Raḥmān from Al-Raḥīm (also derived from Mercy). Additionally, it was important to examine the various contexts to better comprehend the name’s definition and address the primary question of why it appears in contexts that do not reflect its original meaning. This paper also sheds light on Surah Al-Raḥmān, as it bears the name, in search for some of its secrets. The study concluded that the placement of the name did not contradict its linguistic status. Appearing in varying contexts is intended as a message, to remind of Allah’s mercy and grace, and that Islam is built on the principle of mercy, which is a message to all humanity, Muslims and particularly preachers, to embody the mercy that Allah sent His Messenger (PBUH).
SubjectQuranic verses
Titleاسم (الرحمن) في القرآن، الدلالة والسياق: دراسة موضوعية
Alternative TitleThe Name “Al-Raḥmān” in the Quran, its Indication and Context: A Thematic Study
Issue Number2
Volume Number18

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