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  • Human and avicennia marina mangrove populations: With special reference to Qatar 

    Pernot, Othilie; Abu-Dieyeh, Mohammed H.; Simon, Laurent; Al-Khyatt, Jassim; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad ( University of Akron , 2017 , Article)
    This study's aim is to find out the reasons and the ways to ensure the survival of Qatari mangroves along with the current development of the country. Mangroves are halophyte trees, able to survive in intertidal areas, ...
  • Removal of toxic pollutants from produced water by phytoremediation: Applications and mechanistic study 

    Fathy A.M., Atia; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Al-Naimi, Fatima; Abu-Dieyeh, Mohammed; Ahmed, Talaat; ... more authors ( Elsevier Ltd , 2019 , Article)
    In this study, a greenhouse experiment of complete randomized design with three replications was conducted to investigate the potential of Medicago sativa, Zea mays, Helianthus annus, Sorghum bicolor, Phragmites australis ...
  • Using safety constraint for transactional dataset anonymization 

    Al Bouna, Bechara; Clifton, Chris; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( Springer , 2013 , Conference Paper)
    In this paper, we address privacy breaches in transactional data where individuals have multiple tuples in a dataset. We provide a safe grouping principle to ensure that correlated values are grouped together in unique ...
  • Maintaining database anonymity in the presence of queries 

    Riley, Ryan; Clifton, Chris; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( Springer , 2013 , Conference Paper)
    With the advent of cloud computing there is an increased interest in outsourcing an organization's data to a remote provider in order to reduce the costs associated with self-hosting. If that database contains information ...
  • Secure and private outsourcing of shape-based feature extraction 

    Wang, Shumiao; Nassar, Mohamed; Atallah, Mikhail; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( Springer , 2013 , Conference Paper)
    There has been much recent work on secure storage outsourcing, where an organization wants to store its data at untrusted remote cloud servers in an encrypted form, such that its own employees can query the encrypted data ...
  • Secure and efficient outsourcing of sequence comparisons 

    Blanton, Marina; Atallah, Mikhail J.; Frikken, Keith B.; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( Springer , 2012 , Conference Paper)
    We treat the problem of secure outsourcing of sequence comparisons by a client to remote servers, which given two strings λ and μ of respective lengths n and m, consists of finding a minimum-cost sequence of insertions, ...
  • Association rule mining on fragmented database 

    Hamzaoui, Amel; Malluhi, Qutaibah; Clifton, Chris; Riley, Ryan ( Springer , 2015 , Conference Paper)
    Anonymization methods are an important tool to protect privacy. The goal is to release data while preventing individuals from being identified. Most approaches generalize data, reducing the level of detail so that many ...
  • Evaluation of combined genome assemblies: A case study with fungal genomes 

    Abbas, Mostafa M.; Balakrishnan, Ponnuraman; Malluhi, Qutaibah M. ( Springer , 2015 , Conference Paper)
    The rapid advances in genome sequencing leads to the generation of huge amount of data in a single sequencing experiment. Several genome assemblers with different objectives were developed to process these genomic data. ...
  • Preface : Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, 12th International Conference 

    Omatu, Sigeru; Gonzalez, Sara Rodríguez; Giulioni, Gianfranco; Malluhi, Qutaibah M.; Bocewicz, Grzegorz; ... more authors ( Springer , 2015 , Other)
    The 12th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2015 (DCAI 2015) is a forum to present applications of innovative techniques for solving complex problems in these areas. The exchange ...
  • Distributed computing and artificial intelligence, 12th international conference 

    Omatu, Sigeru; Malluhi, Qutaibah M.; Gonzalez, Sara Rodríguez; Bocewicz, Grzegorz; Bucciarelli, Edgardo; ... more authors ( Springer , 2015 , Conference Paper)
    The 12th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2015 (DCAI 2015) is a forum to present applications of innovative techniques for studying and solving complex problems. The exchange of ...
  • Privacy Preserving Computation in Cloud Using Reusable Garbled Oblivious RAMs 

    Wang, Yongge; Malluhi, Qutaibah M. ( Springer , 2022 , Conference Paper)
    When users store encrypted data in a cloud environment, it is important for users to ask cloud to carry out some computation on the remote data remotely. ORAM is a good potential approach to carry out this kind of remote ...
  • An efficient secure data compression technique based on chaos and adaptive Huffman coding 

    Usama, Muhammad; Malluhi, Qutaibah M.; Zakaria, Nordin; Razzak, Imran; Iqbal, Waheed ( Springer , 2021 , Article)
    Data stored in physical storage or transferred over a communication channel includes substantial redundancy. Compression techniques cut down the data redundancy to reduce space and communication time. Nevertheless, compression ...
  • Computational Aspects of Ideal (t, n)-Threshold Scheme of Chen, Laing, and Martin 

    Punekar, Mayur; Malluhi, Qutaibah; Desmedt, Yvo; Wang, Yongee ( Springer , 2018 , Conference Paper)
    In CANS 2016, Chen, Laing, and Martin proposed an ideal (t, n)-threshold secret sharing scheme (the CLM scheme) based on random linear code. However, in this paper we show that this scheme is essentially same as the one ...
  • Decentralized broadcast encryption schemes with constant size ciphertext and fast decryption 

    Malluhi, Qutaibah; Tran, Vinh D.; Trinh, Viet C. ( MDPI AG , 2020 , Article)
    Broadcast encryption (BE) allows a sender to encrypt a message to an arbitrary target set of legitimate users and to prevent non-legitimate users from recovering the broadcast information. BE has numerous practical ...
  • Towards On-Device Dehydration Monitoring Using Machine Learning from Wearable Device's Data 

    Sabry, Farida; Eltaras, Tamer; Labda, Wadha; Hamza, Fatima; Alzoubi, Khawla; ... more authors ( MDPI , 2022 , Article)
    With the ongoing advances in sensor technology and miniaturization of electronic chips, more applications are researched and developed for wearable devices. Hydration monitoring is among the problems that have been recently ...
  • Efficient processing of hamming-distance-based similarity-search queries over MapReduce 

    Tang, Mingjie; Yu, Yongyang; Aref, Walid G.; Malluhi, Qutaibah M.; Ouzzani, Mourad (, University of Konstanz, University Library , 2015 , Conference Paper)
    Similarity search is crucial to many applications. Of particular interest are two flavors of the Hamming distance range query, namely, the Hamming select and the Hamming join (Hamming-select and Hamming-join, respectively). ...
  • Anonymizing transactional datasets 

    AL Bouna, Becharaa; Clifton, Chrisc; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( IOS Press , 2015 , Article)
    In this paper, we study the privacy breach caused by unsafe correlations in transactional data where individuals have multiple tuples in a dataset. We provide two safety constraints to guarantee safe correlation of the ...
  • Smart grid public datasets: Characteristics and associated applications 

    Altamimi, Emran; Al-Ali, Abdulaziz; Malluhi, Qutaibah M.; Al-Ali, Abdulla K. ( John Wiley and Sons Inc , 2024 , Article Review)
    The development of smart grids, traditional power grids, and the integration of internet of things devices have resulted in a wealth of data crucial to advancing energy management and efficiency. Nevertheless, public ...
  • AICCSA 08 - 6th IEEE/ACS International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications: Message from the general chairs 

    Hassanein, Hossam; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. , 2008 , Other)
    Presents the introductory welcome message from the conference proceedings.
  • A system for automatic gathering and intelligent analyses of Doha traffic data 

    Alnaimi, Noora; Barhoum, Nuha; Nasser, Abeer; Swidan, Alia; Malluhi, Qutaibah ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. , 2008 , Conference Paper)
    In recent years, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have gained increased attention. ITS [1] [2] provide opportunities for traffic engineers and decision-makers to deal with problems related to highway traffic operation ...

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