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AuthorAl Ketife, Ahmed M.D.
AuthorJudd, Simon
AuthorZnada, Hussein
Available date2021-06-07T09:59:12Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameChemical Engineering Science
AbstractA comprehensive mathematical modeling method for Chlorella vulgaris (Cv) has been developed to assess the influence of nutrient concentration (total nitrogen TN= 28-207 and total phosphorus TP= 6-8mgL 1) and irradiation intensity (I = 100-250 E) at feed gas CO2 concentrations (Cc,g) of 0.04-5%. The model encompasses gas-to-liquid mass transfer, algal uptake of carbon dioxide (Cd), nutrient removal efficiency (RE for TN and TP), and the growth biokinetics of Cv with reference to the specific growth rate in d 1. The model was validated using experimental data on the Cv species growth in an externally illuminated photobioreactor (PBR). The fitted parameters of the model were found to be in good agreement with experimental data obtained over the range of cultivation conditions explored. The mathematical model accurately reproduced the dynamic profiles of the algal biomass and nutrient (TN and TP) concentrations, and light attenuation at different input Cc,g values. The proposed model may therefore be used for predicting algal growth and nutrient RE for this algal species, permitting both process optimization and scale-up.
SponsorThis work was made possible by the support of a National Priorities Research Programme (NPRP) grant from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) , grant reference number NPRP 6-1436-2-581 .
PublisherElsevier Ltd
SubjectCarbon dioxide
SubjectElectromagnetic wave attenuation
SubjectMass transfer
SubjectMathematical models
SubjectChlorella vulgaris
SubjectCultivation conditions
SubjectGas-to-liquid mass transfer
SubjectIrradiation intensity
SubjectLight attenuation
SubjectNutrient concentrations
SubjectNutrient removal efficiency
SubjectGrowth kinetics
TitleA mathematical model for carbon fixation and nutrient removal by an algal photobioreactor
Volume Number153

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