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AuthorPal, Manas
AuthorWan, Li
AuthorZhu, Yongheng
AuthorLiu, Yupu
AuthorLiu, Yang
AuthorGao, Wenjun
AuthorLi, Yuhui
AuthorZheng, Gengfeng
AuthorElzatahry, Ahmed A.
AuthorAlghamdi, Abdulaziz
AuthorDeng, Yonghui
AuthorZhao, Dongyuan
Available date2021-07-05T10:58:28Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameBiomaterials
AbstractDue to the increased morbidity and mortality resulting from heart valve diseases, there is a growing demand for off-the-shelf implantable tissue engineered heart valves (TEHVs). Despite the significant progress in recent years in improving the design and performance of TEHV constructs, viable and functional human implantable TEHV constructs have remained elusive. The recent advances in micro and nanoscale technologies including the microfabrication, nano-microfiber based scaffolds preparation, 3D cell encapsulated hydrogels preparation, microfluidic, micro-bioreactors, nano-microscale biosensors as well as the computational methods and models for simulation of biological tissues have increased the potential for realizing viable, functional and implantable TEHV constructs. In this review, we aim to present an overview of the importance and recent advances in micro and nano-scale technologies for the development of TEHV constructs. 2016 Elsevier Ltd
SponsorThe authors acknowledge the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research of Canada , NPRP9-144-3-021 from Qatar Foundation , QUUG-CENG-MIE-15/16-7 and QUST-CENG-FALL-15/16-20 from Qatar University , the Farouk Jabre interdisciplinary research award from American University of Beirut , and the CNRS grant from National Council for Scientific Research, Lebanon , for the support for this paper.
PublisherElsevier Ltd
SubjectHeart valves
Tissue engineering
TitleMicro and nanotechnologies in heart valve tissue engineering
TypeArticle Review
Volume Number103

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