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    Women and Political Interest in Qatar: Moving Ahead but Not Catching Up  Bethany, Shockley2016Taylor & Francis (Routledge)Article
    Women Empowerment In Qatar  Fouad, Nada Hassan Abdulmajeed2018Master Thesis
    Women In Religious Discourse After Mohamed Bin Salman Rise To Power: An Analytical Discription Of The Official Online Islamic Discourse In Saudi Arabia  Zahran, Manar Magdy2019Master Thesis
    Work force assignment and planning for onshore oil and gas wells cementing operations  Khalil, Mohamed Mohsen2016Professional Masters Project
    Work-Life -Balance in Qatar: Implementing Tows Analysis as a Variant of the Classic Strategic Tool, SWOT  El-Kassem, Rima Charbaji2018West East Institute JournalsArticle
    Working and Living Conditions of Migrant Workers in the GCC: India Migration Report 2016: Gulf Migration  Diop, Abdoulaye; Le, Kien T.; Ewers, Michael; Irudaya Rajan., S2016RoutledgeBook chapter
    WORKSITE HEALTH PROMOTION SCORE: TO ASSESS A HEALTH PROMOTIONAL WORKER SETTING  Gamage, Anuji; Seneviratne, Rohini; Hanna, Fahad2016Wolters Kluwer HealthConference Paper
    Writer identification on historical documents using oriented basic image features  Abdeljalil G.; Djeddi C.; Siddiqi I.; Al-Maadeed S.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    X - Bar, DP, Occam's Razor & logical form in Arabic  Rochd,E. Ben1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    X-Ray And Electron Microprobe Analysis Of Some Plagioclases From The Jabal Abu Safiyah Intrusion
    Alternative Title: التحليل بواسطة المجس الإلكتروني والأشعة السينية لبعض البلاجيوكليزات من جبل أبو صفية بالمملكة العربية السعودية
    Al Mohandis, Ahmed A. [احمد عبد القادر المهندس]1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Xeno-free trans-differentiation of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells into glial and neuronal cells.  Elgamal, Aya; Althani A, Asmaa; Abd-Elmaksoud, Ahmed; Kassab, Mohammed; Farag, Amany; Lashen, Samah; Gabr, Mahmoud M; Zakaria, Mahmoud M; Alissawi, Mohga M; Ismail, Hossam El-Din Ali; Abd El Galil, Ahmed; Caceci, Thomas; Cenciarelli C, Carlo; Marei, Hany E2019e-Century PublishingArticle
    y - Irradiation Effect On The Ferroelastic High Temperature Phase In LiKSO4 Crystals
    Alternative Title: تأثير إشعاعات جاما على التحول الطوري الفرومرن لبللورات من كبريتات الليثوم والبوتاسيوم
    Kassem, M. E. [محمد السيد قاسم]; Arafa, W. M.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Yemen's Tribal Idiom: An Ethno-Historical Survey of Genealogical Models  Varisco, Daniel Martin2017Oxford University Press (OUP)Article
    Yerba Maté (Illex Paraguariensis) ingestion augments fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise at various submaximal intensities  Alkhatib, Ahmad2014BioMed CentralArticle
    You take my life: tragi-comic rivalry in 'The Merchant of Venice'  Kinghorn, A. M.1983Qatar UniversityArticle
    Z1, center orientations and adsorption of atomic halogens at the (001) surfaces of Alkaili Chloride Crystals: DFT Calculations.
    Alternative Title: توزيعات مراكز التشوه Z1 وادمصاص ذرات الهالوجينات على اسطح (001) لبلورات الكلوريدات : حسابات نظرية دالة الكثافة
    Shalabi, A. S.; Al Ansari, A.Z.; Algaber, Amina S.2004Qatar UniversityArticle
    Zebrafish larvae as a model to demonstrate secondary iron overload.  Nasrallah, Gheyath K; Younes, Nadin N; Baji, Missbah H; Shraim, Amjad M; Mustafa, Ibrahim2018WileyArticle
    Zinc Tolerance and Accumulation in Aspergillus oryzae Penicillium citrinum and Rhizopus stolonifer isolated from Saudi Arabian Soil
    Alternative Title: مقاومة وتراكم عنصر الخارصين بواسطة أسبرجيليس أوريزي وبينيسليام سترينيوم وريزوبس ستولونوفر والمعزولة من المملكة العربية السعودية
    Al Obaid, A. M. [عبد الرحمن بن محمد العبيد]; Hashem, A. R.1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Zn-enriched PtZn nanoparticle electrocatalysts synthesized by solution combustion for ethanol oxidation reaction in an alkaline medium  Matin M.A.; Kumar A.; Saad M.A.H.S.; Al-Marri M.J.; Suslov S.2018Cambridge University PressArticle